Sometimes you need to look in the rearview mirror of your career.

You have to pull over and take a moment to understand where you are, so you can figure out where you want to go.

Say you want to evaluate your career as a property manager or marketer. You want to see how far you’ve come in supporting your onsite teams.

Are your onsite teams retaining renters and improving satisfaction rates at your properties? Or is there room for improvement?

Yes? Then, we’ll share one proven way your maintenance team can improve renter satisfaction via video, leaving you proud of your incredible team.

Apartment Maintenance Videos

Imagine being in the shoes of a maintenance supervisor, diligently addressing one ticket after another. Amidst the routine, a pattern emerges—renters repeatedly requesting service for the same issues.

This would be a good time to film a maintenance video tutorial. In fact, many maintenance teams already do this.

Let Kristi Fickert, VP of Enterprise Growth at Realync, tell you about Matt from Windsor Totem Lake.


Apartment maintenance videos will help reduce time spent on tedious tasks. As you reflect on how you’ve set your teams up for success, consider encouraging your team to use video. Look to Realync to support your teams.

Consolidating tech? Video is incredibly versatile. Use it in marketing, leasing, and renter communication efforts.

How To Create Video Content In Multifamily

If you want to know how people use video in multifamily today, learn from Kristi Fickert. As a 25-year multifamily veteran, she deep dives on the top-performing videos in the Realync database. The video lesson you watched was from the third season of Kristi’s online course, where she discusses what video content works in multifamily.

She analyzed over 65,000 videos to distill the top five content types. Kristi will teach you the components that make a video engaging to renters + other real examples of videos Realync clients created.

Until then, get back on the road and head towards your future success with Realync.