Retail therapy isn’t just a clever phrase—it’s rooted in science.

People buy more to make themselves feel better when they’re in the mood.

Therefore, mood influences purchasing decisions. So what does this mean for you, a multifamily professional?

When prospective renters tour your community, consider it your mission to get them in the perfect buying mood.

And what better tool to achieve this than your own unique personality?

If you’re struggling to get potential renters to sign on the dotted line, let your personality shine through videos to optimize for the right mood and chance at securing the deal.

Let’s take a look at an example and learn about creative real estate video ideas.

Get Creative With Your Follow-Up

What if I told you some on-site teams use humor in videos? Some even pair humor with amenities to show off their community space and personalities.

In this short video, Richard briefly introduces himself to a prospective renter, establishing a personal connection and fostering trust. As he begins to walk, he mentions the term ‘fog,’ symbolizing the uncertainty and confusion often associated with the apartment search process.

By acknowledging this common experience, Richard strengthens his rapport with the viewer.

While discussing the concept of ‘fog,’ Richard playfully disappears from the video screen, revealing that he has entered his community’s steam room.

In just 37 seconds, Richard demonstrates his sense of humor, reinforces the benefits of his community, and showcases the steam room facility.

Let’s give a round of applause for Richard!

Richard can even track engagement on his videos using Realync’s video links. Richard can simply copy and paste the link into his email provider, and Realync will provide real-time notifications when the video is viewed.

When planning your next follow-up strategy, think about the mood you want to create and the lasting impression you want to make on your prospect.

What Video Content Works in Multifamily?

We have a database of over 185,000 videos created by leasing teams, who use their creative side to engage prospects and renters.

Enroll in our online course to learn more about the strategies and tactics utilized by leasing teams that leverage their personalities effectively. You’ll also have access to in-depth analyses and video examples showcasing how personalities make a difference in the leasing process.