The world of multifamily leasing changed overnight with the onset of COVID-19. We’re blown away with how our clients have adapted, stayed connected, and continued to have an impact in these challenging times. How? Our clients share their stories here:

The goal right now as an onsite management team should be summed up by one word: proactive. Your team needs to proactively stay on top of keeping themselves and your residents safe and healthy. That will take proactive communication with residents and prospects alike. On top of that, keeping leasing activity high will also take very proactive communication. Your prospects may simply start ghosting or stop responding because they are halting their apartment hunt until things calm down. Proactively send videos or offer to do a live video tour with them. It’s likely not an alternative they’ve considered.

You and your team are equipped. Multifamily can absolutely stay ahead of the storm that is Coronavirus!

If you’re looking to get started with video leasing, take a minute to download our multifamily video starter pack! Or message us at if you have any questions about getting started with video. We are here to help and want to see our industry continue to thrive amidst the Coronavirus outbreak.

Until next time…stay healthy!