The art of reflection—always comes knocking as the year draws to a close, doesn’t it?

People reflect on personal goals, work milestones, or they let Spotify weave together their annual recap.

We certainly checked Spotify, but we wanted to reflect on our clients’ successes with the Realync app more.

Our clients used Realync’s virtual tour software to sell more apartments, market their properties, and engage renters virtually.

Need proof? Let’s hit rewind and reflect on our clients’ outcomes with Realync and how you could join their success.


What This Data Means

In 2023, leasing teams saw a remarkable surge in video views, hitting 6.5 million—doubling from 2022. This increase showcases multifamily’s dedication to create more engaging video content that gets views and leases.

Those videos didn’t just rack up views; they influenced a jaw-dropping $830 million in annual rent. We compiled this data from Realync’s database for the year 2023. We determined what percentage of virtual tours convert into a rental for each client.

There are multiple touchpoints throughout a renter’s journey. When Realync video is added to a renter’s journey, prospects convert 38% of the time, compared to only 11% when Realync is not part of the renter’s journey.

It could be because they can get answers to their questions quickly through video. It could be they would rather see their home than be told what it looks like.

Get Started With Realync

None of our clients’ success would be possible if they hadn’t scaled their video output. Now, they’re enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Our main goal has always been to help on-site teams engage renters virtually while renters get a real look into communities.

“Developing video assets ranks among the top 3 tasks for which marketers wish they had more time to dedicate focus,” according to NMHC’s 2023 Customer Experience Technology Report.

Is 2024 the year to prioritize video efforts?