7SEVENTY7 Reaches 50% Pre-Leased with Video

“Realync really helped us go into these homes that were under construction and show our prospective residents what these future homes might look like.”

—Kyle Kunz // Assistant Property Manager // 7SEVENTY7


In 2017, Northwestern Mutual opened their state-of-the-art office tower on Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. To further the company’s commitment to its hometown, Northwestern Mutual developed a “game-changing” property at the heart of downtown Milwaukee.

Managed by Bozzuto, 7SEVENTY7 entered the pre-lease up stage during construction. In order to reach its target market and bring this unique property vision to life, 7SEVENTY7 needed a solution to showcase its vision in real time — virtually.


Initially, 7SEVENTY7 implemented Realync in order to effectively pre-lease during construction at the beginning of May 2018. To kick off this process, Realync came onsite to train the 7SEVENTY7 team and showcase best practices in implementing video into the team’s marketing and leasing strategy.

According to Lydia Koenig, 7SEVENTY7’s Sales and Marketing Associate, “Within a few hours, [the team] knew how to use the Realync app. We knew how to take videos. And we were already uploading and sending them to prospects that very same day. It was a really, really great training experience.”

Armed with video and training, the 7SEVENTY7 team began sending links to prospects and scheduling live sessions and tours. The team leveraged the pre-recorded and live video tour functionality to showcase the unique floor plans, amenities, finishes and fixtures.

“Realync really helped us go into these homes that were under construction and show our prospective residents what these future homes might look like,” said Kyle Kunz, Assistant Property Manager.


By August 2018, three months after beginning the pre-leasing process, 7SEVENTY7 pre-leased 155 homes, 50% of their units. Since the fall of 2018, the 7SEVENTY7 team has continued to leverage Realync in their resident lifecycle communications and efforts.

With the onset of COVID-19 and social distancing, 7SEVENTY7 seamlessly pivoted to a hundred percent virtual touring leveraging the Realync platform. Prospects and residents were able to feel confident in the process while staying safe and secure.

According to Lydia Koenig, “we’ve received really good responses from potential residents, especially during the pandemic. People have really appreciated the efforts that we have gone to in order to get really good video footage for them and tour live with them. People have really enjoyed it.”


Even as social distancing guidelines relax, 7SEVENTY7 plans to continue to offer virtual live tours and sessions.  The team will also continue to expand their usage of video throughout their resident lifecycle and engagement taking full advantage of the Realync platform including live tours, live sessions, and pre-recorded videos. As prospective residents and residents’ needs change, 7SEVENTY7 will be ready to adapt and communicate effectively.

“When we first started using Realync, our goal was to help us lease the building a lot quicker. We started leasing in May of 2018, and by August, we had 155 apartments rented which led us to 50% leased.”

—Lydia Koenig // Sales and Marketing Associate // 7SEVENTY7


7SEVENTY7 is creating an entirely new way to live in downtown Milwaukee. Gracious apartment homes in a setting that feels like a high end hotel. Experience an entirely new way to live in downtown Milwaukee. 7SEVENTY7 offers all residents the opportunity to live in an environment unlike anywhere else in the city. With every floor plan, with every amenity, with every finish and every fixture, we’ve designed 7SEVENTY7 to be something special. Something amazing. Something, let’s just say it, game changing.

About Realync

Realync is the leading video leasing and engagement platform for the entire resident lifecycle.  Leveraging live and pre-recorded video, multifamily teams are empowered to close leases faster, market more effectively, and engage with residents.