We get it… “Realync” is not a naturally intuitive word. And when heard verbally, spelling it correctly is likely not going to happen. Just for kicks, here is our Webster Dictionary definition of Realync, including the phonetic spelling:



Multifamily’s only cloud-based,

Fair Housing compliant video leasing

and engagement solution!

If how to spell our company name is ever in question, we have live chat built into our app and website that we’d be happy to converse with you over, but if you’re in the app or on the website already, our name will be properly spelled all over the place for your quick reference 🙂

We’re not mad, it’s amusing! One of our co-founder’s name is “Ani” and it’s a hoot how many different spellings and phonetic pronunciations we get of that! To keep things light and fun, we figured we would document the various spellings we have seen over the years. Enjoy!


If we had solely based our company name off of the phonetic sound that we were going for, this would have been a close option. And it still embodies what we stand for…real-time connectivity linking real estate professionals and consumers.

Real Link

Same same…but different. Phonetically speaking, this is absolutely the most intuitive of the bunch. If you are ever in conversation with someone from Realync or in an audience during one of our talks, this is likely what you’ll Google!


This one is a bit of a head scratcher to us. It is so very close to the real thing, but not quite there. Surprisingly this is hands down the number one misspelling that we come across with our company name.


You would be very surprised just how many people think we are a New York City based real estate technology company. Nope — good old Midwest. We recognize that “lync” is not intuitive, nor is it the proper way to spell the word “link”. And we also recognize that when one sees the letters y, n, and c together, the natural combination is NYC. We won’t hold this one against you guys.









And we thought we’d throw in an added bonus because this one is actually our fault. When we first launched Realync, we actually did have the middle “L” capitalized. We very quickly realized that it not only was a much more cohesive logo design with the lowercase L, but that the uppercase L was the biggest culprit of making people think there were either two L’s or that the last 3 letters spelled NYC instead of Lync. So, this one is on us. No uppercase anymore!

So there you have it! Over the 5+ years that Realync has been around, we have seen our fair share of spellings of our company name. Our #1 core value as a company is that real is what life is all about and that bleeds through everything we do — from providing a real-time touring platform to focusing on real estate and being real and transparent in all we do. Real truly embodies what Realync is all about and we’re going to stray from that foundational value that has guided us this far.

Until next time…keep it real!