It’s a must to know how to make a real estate video tour. But, knowing the how is only part of creating a successful video. You need to create a video tour that stands out and makes an impact on your target audience.

To help you get started, or just give a quick refresher, here are 5 steps for how to make a real estate video tour.

Step One: Start with the Why

Before you or your leasing team start filming, take a step back and ask yourself why you need to create the video in the first place. When we say the “why,” we mean uncovering and honing in on the point and purpose of this particular video tour. Consider these questions:

  • Why are you creating this virtual tour?
  • Is it an evergreen video for your website homepage, social media pages, and marketing materials?
  • Is it a video tour created specifically for an individual prospect?

Starting with the why will help map out how the video tour should be created. Also consider if you will speak on the video or just overlay music? Will you be in front of the camera or behind it? Knowing those aspects in advance will make the entire process smoother and more impactful in the end.

Step Two: Find the Right Platform

The next step for how to make a virtual tour video involves the platform and device you record a video on, such as a virtual tour software or virtual tour real estate app. While it’s easy to just pull out your mobile device and start filming a quick Facetime, there are so many video tour platform options today that are built for multifamily real estate. Having this type of virtual tour software or virtual tour app will make the creation process much easier.

It should also offer the opportunity to have the video cloud-based and be Fair Housing compliant – all aspects that will improve the ease and impact of the tour. That’s why our second step in how to make a real estate video tour is to find a built-for multifamily platform that has functionality specifically aligning with your why.

Step Three: Set the Space

So, you have your purpose locked in and the right platform – great! But, before you start filming, be sure to do a walkthrough of the space. Make sure the lights are on, the blinds are open, and the toilet seats are down. Essentially, you want to make sure the place is staged, prepped, and ready. Video is very transparent and real. That’s the point! You want it to be authentic, transparent, and real which means your prospect will see the real deal. Set yourself and the unit up for success. You want that space to show as if the person were physically there for that tour. So, do all the normal prep work you’d do for an in-person tour.

Step Four: Shoot the Video Tour

It’s that time to shoot the video tour! No matter if you’re using these steps to learn how to make a virtual tour with an Android or how to make a virtual tour with an iPhone, you need to shoot the video tour and shoot it right. Using the platform you’ve selected, go shot by shot through the space. Do not record one long continuous video clip. Break it up into individual shots. Take a shot through the entryway and then stop. Take a shot of the living room or two and stop. Next, go room by room, shot by shot through the space. Finally, don’t end the tour in the bathroom. It may feel like the natural ending spot, but try to avoid it. Instead, leave your prospect with a nice ending shot that’s going to leave an impact.

In addition, include a shot of the view from the balcony or maybe some other key highlight or feature of the space. Plan accordingly and don’t end with a shot of you filming in the bathroom mirror.

Step Five: Add the Finishing Touches

If you want to know how to make a real estate video tour that is accessible, valuable, and ready for use, you need to add those finishing touches. A built-for multifamily real estate platform will have the ability to help you out with that. You should be able to seamlessly edit clips together, add music, overlay captions and add personalization and branding for the property. Then, once you hit publish, your video should be cloud-based and available for use however and wherever you want and need. From social media, to your website, adding the video to a listing, or directly texting or emailing to a prospect, you need that video ready to go.

Here’s an Extra, Bonus Step

Put your video to use! Just creating a video tour has no value without getting it out there in front of prospects. So, share share share! Make knowing how to make a real estate video tour work for you and your property.

And there you have it! 5 steps, with a bonus, that will have you creating useful, efficient video tours for your property in no time.

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