Let’s all take a second and breathe. It’s intimidating to get on camera, even if it’s just your voice in a voiceover. For many, it’s a painful experience to replay a video of oneself. There are ways to get around recording a video without you or your voice. In multifamily, leasing agents do it all the time with video tours of their units, amenities, and neighborhood. While you can take this route, your renters like to see your face every so often.

Andrew Hudson, a known video creator and Training and Development Specialist at American Landmark Apartments, shares his tips on becoming more confident on video in this article.

Show Your Personality Video Example

If you watched the video above, it’s a part of our email-based course, The Lens. So, you got a sneak peek into the series: How to Get More Comfortable on Camera with 5 Camera-Ready Habits. If you didn’t watch, here is Andrew’s advice to you:

  • Be Authentic – Customers increasingly want to see real videos from real people. People want to feel connected to their new community, starting with a great virtual experience.
  • Be Relatable – Add some props to your videos like a pet if you have a prospect who loves pets.
  • Don’t Be Scripted – To be personable, go with the video. Have a few bullet points of what you want to talk about rather than following a script word for word.
  • Don’t Be Perfect – It’s better to have an okay video than no video. Don’t spend too much time making the perfect video. Try to have fun in your video!

How Can You Get Comfortable on Video in Multifamily?

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