Virtual tours and virtual tour companies have certainly seen their popularity increase in recent years. In particular, multifamily real estate companies are seeing firsthand how virtual tours can help with nearly every part of the prospect’s journey.

We’ve seen how virtual tours can get prospects interested in your property and eager to learn more. We’ve also seen how knowing how to do a virtual showing for real estate helps give prospects what they want in a touring experience. But, more importantly, virtual tours can help leasing teams achieve those leasing goals in a faster, more efficient way that is more satisfying for both the team and the prospect.

If you’re looking for ways to get more leases signed, and who in the multifamily industry isn’t, it’s time to look at virtual tours for real estate. Here are three ways the right virtual tour company can do just that.

1. Virtual Tours Accommodate Prospects’ Preferences

Year after year, we’ve seen proof that virtual apartment tours are an impactful and effective way to increase lead-to-lease conversion rates. For multifamily real estate properties, integrating virtual leasing into their leasing and lead-to-lease processes can double lead to lease conversion rates. You heard that right. DOUBLE.

For property companies that offer virtual tours, that’s a huge advantage in the market. However, keep in mind that when we are talking about virtual tours that truly impact lead-to-lease conversion, we’re talking about personalized virtual tours, live or pre-recorded, not 360 virtual tours or 3D virtual tours for real estate. These types of tours are great for top-of-funnel marketing uses, plus they look great on a homepage, but if you’re looking to use video tours as a true lead-to-lease conversion tool, you’ll need something more. Did you know 2 out of 3 prospects want more virtual tours?

Now, let’s look at why virtual tours have this level of success in lead-to-lease conversion.

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2. Virtual Tours Streamline Everyday Processes

When you boil it down, virtual tours increase lead-to-lease conversion rates because they streamline the entire process. Virtual tours ultimately enable a more effective and efficient touring process for prospects by allowing them to see exactly what they want to see early in their leasing journey. This creates a more authentic and transparent touring experience. Plus, it removes the requirement for prospects to be there in person to see the additional details that are important to them.

Even if a prospect is also going to see the property in person, a prospect can preview units and amenities with virtual tours services. Teams can answer prospects’ questions before they even set foot on the property. Prospects can arrive at an entirely different decision when teams virtual tour prospects and answer their questions before they ever get to the property.

Virtual touring has streamlined processes not only for prospects and leasing teams but for maintenance teams. See how one maintenance team turned headaches into streamlined processes.

3. Virtual Tours Increase Engagement and Help with Follow-Up

Virtual tours, prerecorded tours, any sort of true video tour get engagement and clicks on social media and in emails. Whatever the medium might be, people want to click, watch, and engage with video rather than plain text. In fact, videos are shared on social media 1200% more than images and text combined. So, if you’re looking for more engagement from your prospects, virtual tours can be your answer.

Following up with prospects can be tricky, especially if they’ve gone cold for a little while. Following up with very personalized and relevant information via video can be just the thing to jump-start the process again or move the process faster. Video can get the exact information across and accurately showcase you and your community more than just an email or text. Plus, your prospects will remember what they saw. Viewers claim they retain 95% of a message when obtained via video. Using your virtual tour company services to record and send follow-up messages is just another way they can get you to that signed lease quicker.

Even more than that, if you’re personalizing those videos, it’s going to make your leasing team stand out. Your prospect will feel unique and catered to. They’ll feel remarkably seen and heard in the leasing process as they should! This is their new home, after all.

Virtual tour companies offer an authentic and transparent way to engage with prospects, moving them from lead to signed lease faster than before. As a result, real and personalized video touring experiences are in demand, and multifamily teams need to keep up to meet that demand and meet their own leasing goals.

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