Today’s world is digital – we use our smartphones and our laptops for just about everything. We look for things like recommendations for a restaurant to buying a new car or to renting a new apartment online.

So, apartment virtual tours are essential for today’s multifamily leasing strategies. Below we’ve outlined three of our favorite reasons why you need a virtual leasing strategy. After reading these, we think you’ll agree that including virtual tours is a must for a successful leasing strategy.

Your Prospects Want Touring Options

Over half of renters – 52% in fact – would sign a lease on an apartment with only virtual tours available. That means prospects who would never come in person to the property to view the unit before committing to the community! That’s the power of video leasing. You are able to show your community through pre-recorded, personalized apartment video tours or fully live virtual tours. That’s something 360 virtual tours or even 3D luxury apartment tours just can’t provide a prospect.

Now, the remaining half of prospects would continue to come for in-person tours or they would want a sort of hybrid in-person and virtual approach. And that’s great! We love an in-person tour. However, having the virtual option available gives the opportunity for face-to-face connection before that in-person tour happens. Even just a quick “get to know you” video session allows you as the leasing agent to start building trust with your prospect and make a stronger first impression.

Visual is Key

When it comes to information retention, most are visual learners. That’s why the popularity of video continues to grow over static images. Messages sent through visual media are more engaging and lead to higher viewer retention rates. That’s where apartment virtual tours are a powerhouse for your leasing strategy. Viewers are not only more engaged with video content, as opposed to a phone call or just a text email, but they also remember more of what you had to say.

That’s why even a quick 5-minute video introduction can be so important. Getting your prospect information in a visual way, as quickly as possible before even getting to the property for that in person tour can help them retain more information quicker and easier than an email or call. That first, visual impression can be a make or break point for many prospects as they are continuing their search.

It also helps to have that visual connection if they do come in for that in-person tour. Remember about half of prospects still prefer the in-person touring model. With even a quick 5-minute introductory video call, you can start to build that connection with the prospect. You’ll be able to narrow down the options to what really matters most to them. Then, when they come for their tour, you’re better set up to show them what they want to see, to personalize the tour in the best way. That means a better, higher quality, more meaningful experience overall. They’ll better remember what you shared and you’ll be able to continue providing that experience, continuing to build trust along the way.

Fewer Stops Along the Way to a Lease

Today’s prospects are touring fewer properties when making their rental decisions. This means communities need to stand out and stand out fast in the market. In the past, prospects would tour 3-5 communities before landing on the one they liked. That’s no longer the case. Today that number has shrunk to 1-3 properties based on what we’re hearing from the industry.

Bringing in the video element earlier in the process will help you stand out even more than a flat virtual tour. It allows for a face-to-face, personal connection, plus it puts the prospect and their needs and situation at the center.

There is so much information overload when people are looking at apartment communities. Your leasing strategy should include the modern apartment virtual tour. So, give prospects your information in a visual way. 52% would sign on the dotted line with virtual and video leasing only. Give them the virtual option. That’s what will make you stand out and get that lease signed.

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