Busy season is in full swing and multifamily properties everywhere are looking for ways to save time and resources while still providing top-tier service to renters and prospects. Whether you are occupied or not, you can use an apartment leasing app to continue nurturing your renters and prospects!

Here are just a few ways a virtual engagement platform and apartment leasing app can make all the difference this busy leasing season.

Level Up Your Communications

With a video leasing and engagement app, like Realync, you can easily take your communications with prospects and residents to the next level. For example, you can create custom GIFs to celebrate a renter signing a lease or really anything that could use a little fun celebratory visual. Then, use those in your email or text communications. They are quick and easy to record and add so much fun to what could be a boring back and forth.

You can also create follow-up virtual tour videos to summarize what the prospect saw or drop in a video of the exact unit they are interested in. Include those videos in your emails to your prospects.

Today’s renters are inundated with email and you need to stand out in the inbox. Creating videos or GIFs to include in communications helps with response rates, helps them remember what they loved about your property and they are able to put a face with the name—personalizing the process and the community.

Show Off Your Team

Another great way a virtual tour creator or apartment leasing app can help this busy season is by showcasing your team and their personalities. Prospects buy into the onsite team before they ever rent the apartment. People want and need to connect with people. That’s ultimately what gets them to rent over any feature, amenities, or floorplan you offer.

One of our top multifamily leasing tips and tricks is to get your team and their personalities front and center for prospects. How else will you create memorable experiences with renters throughout the lifecycle? Personality is personalization. It will help you rent more apartments while spending fewer resources and during the busy season, that’s key.

Save Time

During the busy leasing season, you can also use apartment leasing app technology to shorten the amount of time needed for resident meetings. Leasing office hours are usually 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. which are during the hours many renters are at work. This makes it hard for residents to come to the office when they have an issue or for their leasing renewal meetings. Offer a virtual option and allow them to choose which is most convenient for them.

It can also reduce the time spent in the actual meeting. Video and virtual meetings last an average of 15 minutes. In-person meetings last between 45 minutes to an hour. So, with virtual, you can meet 3X as many prospects in the same amount of time. That can be huge throughout the busy leasing season.

Communicate Important Updates

During busy season, it’s important to make sure current renters stay informed and feel valued. So, use video to communicate any important updates rather than static email or text. For example, if the water is being turned off, send a video explaining the why and when you expect it to come back on. Those renters can hear and see the empathy in your voice and in your expressions. They can sense concern or excitement and read your overall body language. It’s an easy way to ensure you’re communicating effectively and the message is retained. After all, 90% of visual messages are retained.

Document Terms or Move-outs

An apartment leasing app is a great way to document your terms and move-outs. More apartment turnovers happen during the busy season than any other time. It can be a tedious time for both the leasing team and management. Using the app, you can easily document move-outs, and damages to the unit during move-outs, and then store all those videos for reference for move-out paperwork and deposit refunds.

Great for Return Tours

You may have done a great job on their tour, but prospects don’t necessarily rent on the first visit. You can use video to connect with them remotely for a follow-up tour. You’re still providing a high level of service, only virtually. With the best rental apps, you have features like map integrations and notes. This way, you can personalize their next tour, while adding the human element without forcing the resident to come back out.

Service Videos

Leave a quick video before or after a service request. These videos can explain what was done and by whom. Or, leave a video before introducing the service technician who will be doing the work. Many times renters see these team members more than the leasing office team. Having this type of personal connection is really important to keep current renters happy. And, during renewal time, many agents are going to be talking about rent increases – at times in the double digits. We need very happy, satisfied residents to make that go across easier.

Store Valuable Content

You need a place to store your content. As you’re creating content like videos, GIFs, and maintenance videos, you don’t want to store that on a personal phone. The more tours you do and store that way, the more risk you have of being out of WCAG or Fair Housing compliance. Your team is just too busy they might forget about those things. Having an apartment leasing app and virtual engagement tool that provides storage, is built for multifamily, and helps you stay compliant will help give a better experience for everyone involved.

If you aren’t using an apartment lasing app already this busy season, what are you waiting for? This busy season, make things easier for your teams and better for your prospects. Technology like this will help you communicate better and faster with prospects and renters while also providing a better overall experience.

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