Throughout the last decade or so, video has been one of, if not the breakout star in connecting with audiences across demographics and industries. And, as we’ve seen, video has had monumental success across the real estate world. With more and more people demanding a virtual tour in their apartment selection process, video will only grow in its importance to the industry.

By now, most multifamily real estate professionals are well-versed on the importance of real estate virtual software. When it comes to the components that make the best virtual tour software, video is at the top. In the broader virtual touring strategy and in the virtual leasing strategy as a whole, leasing teams need to understand how important video is and how to use it to create the best virtual tours for real estate.

Video is a critical component in real estate virtual tour software for multifamily communities, and here’s why.

Personalization Means Conversion

Real estate virtual tour software can often mean solely 360 and 3D virtual tours for real estate. Finding the exact value and ROI of those types of tours can be challenging. They often show a rendering of the community, which is an example of what prospects can expect. Even the best 360 virtual tour software shows only the basics of the community. What it can’t do is offer the level of personalization necessary to bring a lead all the way through to a signed lease.

What can give your team that level of conversion? Personalized, do-it-yourself video tours that are unit and amenity-specific. Video tours provide a quality live and personalized experience for prospects. Pre-recorded video tours can show prospects the exact unit. Today’s multifamily community market is ultra-competitive. Using personalized video tours, live or pre-recorded, can streamline the entire leasing process, increase conversion rates, and increase sight-unseen leasing. Whatever real estate virtual tour services or software you use, it needs to provide that level of personalized video to be the most impactful.

Video Gets Engagement

Another way video is a crucial real estate virtual tour software component is that video can capture engagement. Today’s consumers engage with video content much more readily than other mediums.

According to Hubspot, 87% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI. And Insivia says that viewers retain 95% of a message when watching it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. There is a clear bottom line here. Video gets the clicks, views, and shares. It allows leasing teams to connect and communicate with prospects more effectively during the leasing process. There are plenty of real estate listings with virtual tours, but it’s the ones with video virtual tours that audiences engage with the most. And an Inman study reported that real estate listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than their videoless counterparts. It’s clear that video works, and it is a key part of your real estate virtual tour software and strategy.

Resident Engagement and Retention

While video is critical in getting leads to signed leases, it can also help keep your current residents engaged. And keeping your current residents engaged is key to maintaining favorable occupancy rates. Using the video component of your real estate virtual tour software can help cut through the noise and help you grab your resident’s attention.

Send videos rather than flyers or text-only emails to reinforce community policies or for resident events invitation. Trust us- it will be a welcome change from the regular email onslaught and notifications residents receive daily. If you know how to make a virtual tour for real estate using video, we are here to help you learn how to create a resident video to get clicks, views, and interactions. Plus, we can help you humanize the message and establish more personal connections with residents.

No matter the level of sophistication in your real estate virtual tour software, video, especially personalized video, is the lynchpin for success. It’s the proven winner in terms of effectiveness, value, and ROI.

From marketing to maintenance to resident engagement, integrating video can help multifamily leasing professionals create relevant, personalized, authentic videos to connect with prospects and current residents throughout every stage of the resident lifecycle.

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