At this point, we can all agree that virtual tour software is important, particularly for those in the multifamily real estate industry.

However, if you’re going to spend the resources investing in a virtual tour creator and learning how to make a virtual tour for real estate, you should know the ‘why’ behind that importance. Going into that next layer can help you create better, more impactful video tours.

When you’re looking at why real estate virtual tour software is important, it can be broken down into three different areas of importance. Those categories include why it’s important to perspectives residents, onsite teams, and corporate stakeholders.

Why It’s Important to Prospective Residents

Real estate virtual tour software is important to your prospects because it gives them unprecedented visibility and flexibility. Prospects can see what they want and need to see at a property with the flexibility of never physically being at the property during the leasing process. In addition, it streamlines the entire real estate search and touring process.

From initial online searches, prospects see it all to a 3D virtual tour on a property’s homepage, to in-depth, personalized live and pre-recorded tours of the exact unit they could be living in. This instills necessary trust and transparency into that process earlier in the journey. Plus, it makes the process more centralized around the prospects’ needs, which will only help.

Why It’s Important to On-site Teams

Real estate virtual tour software helps teams connect with leads earlier in a more authentic, personalized, and transparent way from the property management and leasing team standpoint. It also helps guide prospects through the lead-to-lease funnel faster. 360 and 3D virtual tours for real estate are great marketing tools, but when on-site teams are in the leasing process, they need more. They need to show prospects what they want and need to see in a very streamlined and efficient way. That’s where virtual tour software comes in. Teams can use either live video tours or pre-recorded content they’ve personalized and created then share quickly and efficiently.

Having a video library of pre-recorded videos of units and amenities makes the leasing team’s lives easier. It makes general operations, maintenance, and resident engagement easier and more authentic for property management teams. Plus, at the end of the day, creating videos will get your messages across in the most effective fashion. And you don’t need to look for the best virtual tour software in 2021 to do it. Video gets the clicks, it gets the engagement, and it’s what prospects and even current residents want.

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Why It’s Important to Property Management Companies

Real estate virtual tour software gives property owners and other corporate stakeholders data, insights, and visibility into processes they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Many leasing teams can learn how to make a virtual tour with an iPhone or Android device (Realync is now compatible with Android!!) Teams can shoot the video on their own, then send it off to their prospect. However, neither that agent nor the property management company has any real insights into what that agent shot. There’s also no information on what that agent said, how they are posting it, how they are sharing the video, and what prospects – no data on how they are using these video tours.

Actual real estate virtual tour platforms can show parent companies what their teams are doing in terms of how they are using the software. But, virtual tour software also provides:

  • Visibility into prospect engagement
  • Where your videos are seeing success (social media, website or a listing platform, embedded in an email, etc.)
  • What videos are performing the best

Corporate teams will know what resonates with prospects. It gives property management companies more access and the ability to “secret shop” their teams and then provides necessary feedback and updates for the tours. They’ll know what teams are showing, what prospects want to see and how it’s being done on the ground. That level of insight is invaluable.

Not only does real estate virtual tour software help with the lead-to-lease process and moving prospects down the tunnel, but it’s important for current resident engagement and for corporate administration. Although, from each potential audience, real estate virtual tour software is critical, integrating virtual tours can help teams create relevant, personalized, authentic videos to connect with prospective and current residents throughout every stage of the resident lifecycle.

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