Today’s buyers and renters are looking more and more to the digital world to find their next home. As such, real estate and leasing agents are looking more towards digital marketing than ever before to reach prospective buyers and renters. According to the Google/NAR study, “The Digital House Hunt,” 92 percent of homebuyers use the Internet to help them find their next home. They were also found to spend three weeks on average researching real estate online before ever making a phone call to an agent.

So, while most multifamily communities or groups have an online presence in the form of a website and listings on popular platforms like, that’s not enough to stand out anymore. A multifamily marketing strategy needs to create a much more dynamic and personalized experience than before.

Modern renters, particularly Millennials and Gen Z-ers, are looking to videos of potential properties to make their new home decisions. And for good reason – video is one of the most effective online marketing strategies available today. International listing website found that video increased listing inquiries by 403 percent. Inquiries – not just video views – actual inquiries and leads for a property increased over 403 percent simply by adding a video to their listing.

While the power of video is indisputable, there are many different platforms available for a multifamily property to produce and showcase properties. From 360 images to photo slideshows to full 3D tours and drones flying through properties, there is no shortage of methods. When it comes to providing the best experience for those Millennials and Gen Zs seeking a property, there is nothing more engaging or better than live, personalized video experiences. Let’s take a look at how.

Live Views are the Best Views

When it comes to a new home, few potential renters go into a place believing it is totally perfect. However, by being transparent up front, they may find out that it is perfect for them. A small kitchen or less than ideal closet may not be a deal breaker, but it can create mistrust if the renter feels as though it was hidden from them in the glamorous, professionally shot photos on the website. By created a catered, personalized video for that prospective resident, or connecting with them via live video tour to show them exactly what they want to see means no rock is unturned. Most sales professionals work on removing any objections from the sales process as early as possible — personalizing experiences to each prospective resident will do just that. Real = transparent. And transparent means removing surprises or misconceptions from the process. 

Think of Each Viewer as an Individual

When it comes down to it, each prospective buyer or renter is an individual. They have their own needs, wants and priorities when it comes down to what they are looking for in a property. When a person takes an in-person tour, there are specific things they want to see or ask questions about. However, in the case of static photos or marketing materials just sitting on a website or listing platform – even 3D tours – all viewers see the same thing.

For example, one prospective resident may be especially curious about the view off of the balcony, while a separate prospective resident may want to see the storage and closet spaces the most. With a static marketing video or photos, they are only offered one particular view and the cannot engage / ask questions unless through email or, at best, live chat on the website. With live video touring, prospective buyers and renters can not only see exactly what is important to them, but they’re able to engage with the sales / leasing professional simultaneously to ask their questions. Think of how many times a person is in a situation where they think, “Oh! Remember to ask that later” and promptly forget. If you are connected with them in the moment, those questions can be asked. 

Not sold? Try it for yourself. Or just think deeper about the most impactful experiences for you personally when looking for a place to live. Even if you are a multifamily sales or leasing agent yourself, we would wager that you can relate to wanting to simply see exactly what you want to see and have your questions answered by a real human being. 

It’s time to think strategically about video. We all know it’s popular and all know that it can produce incredible results when used properly as a marketing tool. Video shouldn’t just be another static marketing tool that sits on your property website, social media or listing site though. Make your property come alive for prospective residents online by connecting via live video tours and provide your leads with the most realistic and personalized view of your community. After all, real is what life is all about.

Until next time…keep it real!