When it comes to virtual touring technology, it’s natural to want the best available option. In today’s mobile-first world, multifamily leasing agents need the best virtual tour apps that can quickly and effectively shoot video tours.

One critical factor in finding the best virtual tour app is that it must be built specifically for the nuances of multifamily properties.

The best virtual tour app for today’s multifamily communities should aim to make virtual leasing and touring easy and efficient for leasing teams and prospective residents. In addition, it should allow residents to have authentic views of the property and guide them through the lead-to-lease process quickly. That means, above all, that platform should be purpose-built for multifamily real estate. Here’s what we mean.

A Virtual Leasing Solution

When it comes to the best virtual tour app and virtual tour creator, you’re looking for technology that will, ultimately, further your leasing goals. It is a technology that makes the lead-to-lease process faster and more efficient for everyone involved, ticking all the necessary multifamily boxes. It should allow for:

  • Teams to create live, real-time tours and videos
  • Easy recording and storage
  • Sharing of pre-recorded videos
  • Produce analytics

It should be a virtual tour software with teams operating and personalizing it. There are plenty of virtual tour solutions on the market, like 3D or 360 virtual tours. And those are great tools.

The best virtual tour app will allow a prospect to tour your community the way they want to. Meaning, they need virtual touring options presented to them. Whether that’s a 3D tour or a video tour. A 3D tour can capture the attention of a prospect. Video tours give prospects a more authentic look into a community and the different available apartments. These tours give renters a real look into the space and if live, allow renters to ask a leasing agent questions.

Built for Multifamily

When we say built for multifamily, we mean your virtual apartment tour app should do a few key things. It should integrate into the leading multifamily technology solutions, many of which your property is likely using. That means it works seamlessly with your lead management software, your website creator, any site plug-ins, your email systems, and any other communications channels you use.

Additionally, the best virtual tour software will keep your property’s videos compliant with both Fair Housing and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the most up-to-date recommendations for making web content more accessible to those with disabilities. Those two critical components ensure all of your leasing team’s virtual tour experiences are compliant and accessible for all prospects looking to join and experience the tour.

Device Agnostic

The best virtual tour apps can be filmed on the device leasing agents are most comfortable with. It shouldn’t matter if they want to know how to make a virtual tour with an iPhone or how to make a virtual tour with an Android. It should work on either system seamlessly, which Realync is compatible with both iPhone and Android.

That also goes for the participants. They should be able to view the tour on their own Android or iOS device, on their desktop, or on a tablet. It should work on any device or browser without requiring your participant to download, sign up, or register for anything. Making it easy, on both ends, is key.

More than an App

While the ease of an app is an important part, it’s important to have a purpose-built multifamily functionality that differentiates the best from the others. It allows leasing teams to build a true virtual leasing strategy that includes both live and pre-recorded virtual tours and works seamlessly with the day-to-day processes for onsite teams. That level of functionality makes the touring experiences more robust and enjoyable for everyone. At Realync, we have a support team with on-site experience, so they know what leasing teams need!

As part of building a virtual leasing strategy, your app of choice should provide data and analytical insights. That reporting is necessary to empower onsite teams to make informed decisions at the right time. Making data-backed decisions quickly is one of the most important factors to help leasing teams streamline their virtual leasing work and be as effective as possible.

It sometimes feels like technology is evolving more and more each day. That feeling is never more pronounced than when searching for new technology like a virtual tour app. In the end, what’s important to keep in mind is creating an efficient, effective, enjoyable virtual leasing process for both prospects and the leasing team. To do that, you’ll want an app that integrates seamlessly with your systems, is device agnostic, helps you stay compliant, and helps you build a true virtual leasing strategy. The best virtual tour app does all of those things because it is meant to – it is built for multifamily real estate.

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