The phrase interactive virtual tour describes nearly all of the different types of virtual tours. Nearly all virtual tours have a degree of interactivity between the tour and the user in some way, shape, or form.

But, even with there being some interactive element in tours, not all virtual tours have all the bells and whistles interactivity can provide. That means, not every virtual tour creator allows the creation of a tour experience that is interactive in the way today’s prospective renters want.

Let’s take a look at what an interactive virtual tour is in today’s environment and how to make it work for your property.

What Interactive Virtual Tour Means Today

Most of today’s audience want an interactive and transparent video tour experience over just a click-through virtual tour made up of still photos, or a highly produced tour that doesn’t give a real view of the property.

Search “interactive virtual tour” on Google and you’ll get tons of results. However, you don’t need to know how to make a 3D virtual tour because there are solutions (like Real360) out there that can help. And just know a 360 virtual tour for free won’t give you the quality tour a prospective renter needs.

Prospective renters want to experience a virtual tour that is personalized to them. They want to have the opportunity to ask their specific question and have those questions answered. The tour should allow prospects to see what they want to see and truly be able to engage with the property in a way that instills trust and transparency in the touring and the leasing process. An interactive virtual tour, if it’s truly interactive, will meet all of those needs.

When you start looking at prospective residents’ needs and wants, what interactivity and an interactive virtual tour means to them, it means a personalized experience. It means a real and authentic tour. And what are among the best types of virtual tours to provide that real, authentic, and personalized level of interaction the best? Live video tours.

Interacting with Live Virtual Tours

Live virtual tours take interactive virtual tours to the next, and necessary, level. While it’s live, prospects aren’t on the property so it is still a remote virtual tour. They can engage in this type of tour from anywhere in the world, whenever there is a leasing agent available to guide them. This is the interactive virtual tour experience where the agent can really guide and direct the entire tour based around the needs of an individual prospect.

A live virtual tour provides both agents and prospects the highest level of true engagement and interactivity. It’s the most powerful, the most authentic, and the most transparent type of property tour a prospect can get, outside of being physically on-site to walk through with a leasing agent. With a live virtual tour, a leasing agent is still guiding the tour, along with virtual tour software, interacting with the prospect and personalizing it to their individual needs. The prospect can see exactly what they want to see on the tour. If they want a closer look at the window treatments or how deep cabinets are for storage, they can get it.

There may be, and most likely will be, questions that come up during a live virtual tour a prospect didn’t have on their list ahead of time. Whatever questions a prospect may have, they can ask in real-time with the leasing agent there to answer them.

Best Interactive Virtual Tours

If we want to truly talk about what an interactive virtual tour is, we need to look at the interactions that are most meaningful. What level of interactivity and connection will matter most to that prospect? What will allow property management teams and leasing agents to make the most meaningful connections?

You don’t have to produce the best virtual tours of 2021 and beyond. You just need to create interactive virtual tours that allow for real, authentic interactions – the type of interaction that gets to the root of what a prospect is looking for. Allow prospects an opportunity to see their exact potential unit. Show them the amenities they may be or definitely are interested in seeing. That will drive the process forward in a true, authentic, and streamlined way.

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