For decades, a leasing team’s primary goal has been to get prospective renters to sign a lease, usually through a conventional in-person tour of the community. However, over the past few years, how leasing teams engage with and tour prospects has changed significantly and now includes an experience that encompasses a variety of options, such as in-person, self-guided, or video tours.

With video technology being more commonplace these days, a leasing experience can look quite different for each prospect. And with the increasing variety of technology and touring options, a common confusion has emerged amongst these tools. From virtual or video tours, video experiences, video technology, pre-recorded video tours, 3D tours, 360 virtual tours, self-guided tours, and more, it’s easy to confuse one strategy. In multifamily, let’s get on the same page about what a virtual tour means and define other similar strategies.

What Does Virtual Tour Mean?

Multifamily Virtual Tours

As virtual tours continue to grow in multifamily and new technologies enter the space, we felt a responsibility to define and align on the different types of video software available today and how these fit into the renter’s journey. Along with defining what a virtual tour is, we also asked 80+ multifamily professionals their views on video technology within their marketing and leasing strategies. We partnered with J Turner to learn more about how video has progressed since 2020, you can grab your copy here!