Have you ever considered the job of the door greeter at your local big-box grocery store? They’re there to make you feel welcomed when you enter, kinda feels like a personal touch, right? You grab your cart, pull out your grocery list, and proceed to your shopping.

At some point, there’s probably an item you can’t find, perhaps because it got moved. There might be something you forget, either because it wasn’t on your list or you didn’t know you needed it. Those are the moments when a gentle little nudge to point you in the right direction or offer a friendly reminder can really help improve your shopping experience. But the greeter can’t be everywhere helping every shopper along the way.

For the last 5 years, we have chosen as a company to heavily invest in the client support experience our clients receive to ensure success with all things video leasing and engagement. Our process has iterated over the years from 1:1 in-person trainings to online strategic meetings and beyond.

We’re excited to launch our next steps: our Success Panel and in-app notifications! The new Success Panel will provide fresh content that is specific and relevant to our clients, providing best-in-class guidance for creating quality video content. Likewise, our in-app notifications are built to suggest tips and tricks that help clients reach and engage with current and prospective residents. Kevin (a real human on our team) updates the success panel and the in-app notifications each week based on usage and needs.

Unlike the greeter at the front door, we put ourselves exactly where you need us when you need us. And everything you see in our app and web experiences is built by your Realync client success team. We comb through clients’ usage stats every day and craft personalized content.

So, what should you do with this info? Take aisle 1 straight to success with Realync, sign up today!

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