What Are Multifamily Apartment Tours?

We gathered information about multifamily apartment tours and compiled it into one single location for you to digest. Learn why you should offer a variety of tours to your prospective renters.

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Multifamily Apartment Tours

If you are looking for a way to increase the number of apartments you can lease, you have probably thought about incorporating self-guided tours as a part of your multifamily apartment tours. Today, many people are used to performing a Rently self-tour, such as a self-guided walking tour, but it is still important to ensure that you play a role in that tour. You need to show prospective renters that you are excited about the prospect of them living in the space if you want them to get excited about it as well. That will increase their chances of signing on the dotted line and becoming stable renters.

Of course, a self-guided tour is a great option for several reasons. It allows the renter to look at the space at their own pace while also making booking more tours easier because you do not necessarily have to be physically present. On the other hand, you need to ensure that you maximize the quality of that tour if you want them to sign a lease. That is why it is critical to look closely at three best practices every leasing agent should follow.

Look at some helpful information regarding best practices for leasing agents in multifamily units, and consider putting these principles to work for your leasing practices. If you give sneak peeks behind the scenes of the building, personalize the tour, and include a strong call-to-action, you should see your conversion rates go up, which can drive revenue growth for your apartment building.

Self-Guided Tour Apps

If you are looking for help with a self-guided apartment tour near me, you have probably thought about looking at self-guided tour apps. Some of the most popular options include Pynwheel, Rently, and even Tour24. At the same time, you need to look closely at reviews to learn more about what people liked and did not like about the app before you decide to implement it at your apartment building.

While these apps can be helpful, it is critical to use an app that will give you the best definition possible. Many people have fallen in love with Realync, an app that will give you everything you need to create a beautiful digital tour with nothing but your smartphone and the app. You can use this tour to give someone a live tour or a pre-recorded tour that they can access on their own. With this type of flexibility, it should be easier to get tours done, attract a larger number of people, and increase the number of prospects you have. This can also help you boost your conversion rate. If you want to get the most out of your self-guided tours for your prospects, take a look at everything that Realync can do for you.

Self-Guided Tour Companies

If you look at self-guided tour companies, you will find that apps, such as Pynwheel and Rently, are helpful. You need to make sure that your tours demonstrate the unit and everything that it has to offer. For example, something as simple as turning on the shower heads can really give people a feel for what it might be like to live in that unit. If you can give peeks behind the scenes that target all five senses, you can increase your chances of getting someone interested in learning more about what life is like in that unit.

Remember that you need to showcase what makes your unit and apartment building different from the others. This will make it easier for the person to remember what it was like to look at your specific unit. There are a lot of apartment buildings out there, and you need to convince a prospect that they should sign a lease with your company. Open the cabinets to show them how much space they have, open the closets and talk about how much room they will have, and try to showcase what they might be able to do with the space in the living room. These simple changes can make a major difference.

Self-Guided Tour Example

If you use self-guided rental tours from apps such as Rently and Smartrent, you will have an easier time making a positive impression on your audience. Another popular option is Tour24. If you use the Tour24 logo to access the Tour24 dashboard, you will have access to several tools; however, if you take a look at Tour24 reviews on Tour24 Glassdoor, you will see that some people have issues conducting a tour with this program. That is why if you are looking for the best self-guided tour example, you need to use Realync instead.

When you put together the tour, you must make sure that you personalize the tour to meet the needs of your audience. You need to ensure that you do not give your audience a cookie-cutter approach. You must ensure that the tour you give them makes them feel different. After all, every potential renter is different as well. You should ensure that your tour targets what your specific audience is looking for in a potential apartment. If you can figure out what their pain points and desires are, what the benefits of your apartment are, and how you can get your apartment to meet their needs, you can go a long way toward boosting your conversion rate.

Virtual Tour

Clearly, it is important to keep these multifamily leasing tips in mind. While the Tour24 logo and Tour24 reviews might look attractive, you need to use Realync if you want to do the best job possible regarding your virtual tour. This is a program that is very easy to use and can meet all of your needs. Remember that you only need an iPhone and the Realync app if you want to make a beautiful virtual tour that can convince your prospects to sign a lease with your building.

The final best practice that you need to keep in mind is that you must include a call-to-action. This means you must give your renters instructions about what to do next. What do you want them to do when they are done with your tour? Do you want them to call you to learn more information? Do you want them to scan a QR code to learn more about the specific unit? Do you want them to sign a lease? Do you want them to follow you on social media? If you do not tell them what you want them to do, they will try to read your mind, reducing your conversion rate.

When you put together your virtual tour, you must ensure that you make it as easy as possible for them to do what you want them to do. Ensure you include a link to your website if you want them to go there. Ensure that you place a hyperlink if you want them to call you. The easier you make it for them to do what you want them to do, the greater your conversion rate will be.

Apartment Leasing Tips And Tricks

Ultimately, these are just a few of the most important points you need to keep in mind if you want to increase the results of your virtual tour. There are lots of self-guided rental tours available, and the Rently and Tour 24 dashboard make it easier for you to make a virtual tour than it ever has been in the past. While the Tour24 logo makes it easier, you must follow these key apartment leasing tips and tricks if you want to learn how to make a virtual tour.

First, ensure that you give those interested in your apartment building a look behind the scenes. If you open the cabinets to show them the space, highlight the amount of space they have in the living room, turn on the ceiling fans to show your prospects that they work, and turn on the showers, you will target all five senses, which can make a major difference in your ability to earn a conversion.
Next, you need to make sure that you customize the tour to meet the needs of your prospects. You want to show them why your multifamily building is beautiful. You don’t just want to tell them. Furthermore, you need to ensure that you maximize your conversion rate by customizing your tour to meet the needs of your prospects. If you do so, you will have an easier time generating more revenue.

Finally, do not forget to include a strong call-to-action at the end of the tour. You need to tell the viewer what you want them to do next. If you don’t tell them, they won’t know that you want them to call you, email you, visit the website, or sign a lease. While it might sound straightforward, simply telling your audience what you want them to do next can do wonders for your conversion rate. Use Realync to make a virtual tour that can help you maximize your occupancy rate.

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