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Video Creator - Independent Contractor

Realync Studios Independent Video Contractor

Location: US-based, Flexible

Type: Full Time

Start Date: ASAP

Realync is seeking Independent Contractors to create video content at properties across our portfolio for our growing multifamily technology company. This position will be responsible for recording, editing and publishing content at assigned properties per contracted specifications, using the Realync app. The Independent Contractor must be passionate about creating stories and messages through video and have a keen eye for detail (along with editing content with the built in tools in our app). This Independent Contractor will need to have excellent communication skills, the ability to provide direction and be extremely detail oriented.

About Realync
Realync is a fast-growing B2B SaaS company bringing category-leading virtual leasing solutions to the multifamily industry. Founded in 2013, Realync is partnering with over 135 leading multifamily owners and managers to transform their marketing, leasing, and operations. Voted NAA’S 2020 Best Places to Work, Realync Keeps It Real in all that we do and have a lot of fun doing it.


About this role

  • Location: Any major market in the continental US
  • Compensation: Per job rate, travel expenses not reimbursed
  • Independent Contractor can NOT be currently employed by a Realync client


  • Scheduling
    • The Contractor will coordinate directly with the Realync Studios Program Manager to organize, plan logistics and deadlines for each property in accordance with your schedule as well as ensure the work is up to standards and submitted in a timely manner.
  • Video Creation
    • Create 5 videos pre-determined at the property level and the Realync Studios Program Manager.
    • Videos consist of specific apartment units and amenities only.
  • Editing
    • Within the Realync app, utilize all editing features to ensure a polished and professional video is published for the client by adding captions, trimming, cutting, music, etc.
  • Publishing
    • Completed videos are edited and published to your Realync account within 24 hours of the property visit and the Realync Studios Program Manager is notified that the job is completed.


  • Must possess an iPhone 8 or newer device with at least 20% storage available for video processing (once videos are published they are saved in the Realync cloud.).
  • Passionate about creating stories or messages through video with a keen eye for detail.
  • Organized, self-starter, with strong interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work independently to set and manage priorities for site visits showing punctuality and professionalism at all times.
  • Must complete 1 hour Realync Training Course for creating, editing and publishing content. (Compensation for one hour of training paid upon completion of first site visit)
  • Must be able to provide reliable transportation or use public transit to arrive and depart site visits as scheduled.

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