So, I hate to burst your bubble, but this post is not about teleportation (we’re working on that). What it is about is the ability to have two experiences at the same time. Today’s world is a busy, busy place. Meetings, appointments, activities, commitments with friends and family…you know the drill. Even an elementary school student can sometimes be seemingly busier than a corporate CEO. Immersed in this chaos on a daily basis, we all need to find ways to make things fit. We need to innovate new ways to multi-task. We need to find more time in those 24 hours.

That’s where we feel ReaLync can make a true impact. We’re not a technology for the sake of being the next shiny thing. We’re a technology that seeks to enable a better, more successful you. Real estate decision-making is daunting in its own right. Throw the myriad of scheduling and distance barriers into the mix though and you have one hot mess. That is why we as a company believe in empowering you to find more time in a day to see more, experience more, and do more.

We Believe You Can Be in Two Places at Once

From just barely getting the kids to soccer practice on time or yet another “maintenance” delay at the airport, it seems nobody has a moment to spare. At ReaLync, we believe our technology achieves the impossible: the ability to be in two places at one time.

Real estate decisions are big. They impact life in dramatic ways—from big dollars to serious time and emotions consumed. It’s important to get them right. Huge decisions coupled with severe time constraints… this is a formidable problem for buyer and seller. So what to do?

ReaLync provides unique, personalized direct-to-buyer real estate tours. Time is our most valuable and precious commodity. We believe our job is to maximize time by providing tools and services that allow you to be in two places at one time.

While an aspiring buyer or renter stands on the soccer sidelines, their agent opens the portal that transports them to their future property. Real time at halftime has never been so easy.

Seriously though, you should wait until halftime: your kid is watching you instead of playing defense.


Until next time…keep it real!