Nothing can sour your buying or selling experience more than an improperly staged home. It’s very easy to undervalue this step in the selling process as most of you are in the midst of finishing paperwork, packing boxes, switching utilities, saying goodbyes, or carrying out a laundry list of other things. But not considering proper staging is a grave mistake that will leave buyers uninterested in your home and you feeling a little uneasy.

So before you start to question why your neighbor’s home was stickered SOLD in less than one week and why yours has been sitting on the market for a little too long, here are our

Top 10 Tips To Properly Stage Your Home

  1. A Fresh Coat of Paint: Nothing says “work” to a potential buyer than having a house with a broken and worn-out color. Applying a coat on the inside and outside (color guide) will instantly bump up your house’s appeal and bring it back to life.Paint - Home Stage
  2. Bathroom Essentials: New shower curtains and thick towels give the bathroom a clean padded look and a candle can add a warm touch. It’s also important to keep no more than one conditioner, shampoo, and liquid soap in the tub or shower. A buyer’s mind doesn’t need to be playing Jenga with your tower of toiletries in the corner.Bathroom - Home Stage
  3. Remove personal photos/items: Don’t forget to remove all family photos, wall hangings (aside from art work), and personal items. These all distract buyers from envisioning themselves in the home – they instead become absorbed in your lives.
  4. Declutter: Any extra furniture, magazines, packing boxes, etc. should be removed from sight so that the room can breathe. If possible, look to rent out a storage unit early so that items can begin to find their way out. Things that can and should be placed out is a nice china set at the kitchen table, a bowl of fruit or a vase of roses, fresh plants, and matching décor.
  5. Clean The Home: Of course, a vacuum and steam should be performed to remove any carpet stains. And a polish/wax should be applied to hardwood flooring to really make it shine.Hardwood Floor - Home Stage

But it’s important to remember that the boundaries of the home start well outside. So before your home goes live to every mobile viewer out there, take note of these 5 tips for the exterior:

  1. Large House Number: A sheepish and shy home is not one that potential buyers can be proud of. By displaying the house number front and center, in big bold numbers, you allow the house to firmly stand its ground.House Number - Home Stage
  2. Front Entryway: The front patio or porch should be swept and sprayed with a pressure washer (as well as a backyard deck). Additionally, if your home has a swing, then make sure to wash any covers and to plump up cushions. And furthermore, wipe down all outside porch lights and walkway lighting. It’s essential the first walk up to the home be a clean one for a buyer.Porch Swing - Home Stage
  3. Empty Driveways: It’s best to park the car on the street so that the view of the garage is not blocked. Again, it makes it difficult for potential buyers to envision themselves in the home if it already seems like occupants live there.
  4. A Little Yard Work: Even your hedges need a haircut. A freshly mowed and raked green lawn with planted flowers around the perimeter of the home really shows that the home is well-taken care of and that it’s more likely the inside is in great shape as well.Yard Work - Home Stage
  5. Straight Mailbox: Let it stand straight and without dents. A mailbox that looks like it came out of a 10 round boxing match or is leaning over ready to fall asleep will turn off your audience quicker than flopped open trashcans at the curb (another one to watch out for).Mailbox - Home Stage

Of course if you wish to go above and beyond, it would be wise to talk to home staging professionals and your agent to weigh the cost vs. benefits. This is especially important to consider when live streaming your home. Keep in mind that live streaming with an agent allows you to reach a much larger audience, which is why it’s important to leave your best first impression as a seller, so you can make sure to receive the best offer from a buyer.

Until next time…Keep It Real!