We at ReaLync know how stressful selling a home is. It seems every person has tips or advice for you about renovating this, or marketing it that way, or why you should wait because of the current market. That last one, we can actually speak to and ensure you that now is an amazing time to both buy and sell. According to Skylar Olsen, a senior economist at Zillow, “A home buyer with the U.S. median income who buys the median-priced home will pay 15.3 percent of their income on their mortgage now. The historical number is 22.1 percent” (Consumer Reports). That’s incredibly enticing for buyers!

So how can you take advantage of all of these consumers wanting to buy your home? Check out these tips on how to most efficiently sell your home:

Take the home out of your house

We know it’s scary, but one of the most important things to do when selling your house is to de-personalize it. The more personal stuff in your house, the less potential buyers can imagine themselves living there. We know that picture from Thanksgiving means a lot to you… but unfortunately, it doesn’t have the same sentiment to other buyers. That doesn’t mean throw things in the closet though…actually put things in storage. This includes family photos, memorabilia collections and personal keepsakes. If you’ve somehow managed to collect mismatched everything from drapes to furniture, you might even want to consider hiring a home stager to give it that little extra boost.

Upgrade the kitchen

We’ve all heard that the kitchen, more than any other room, sells the home. And you may think your kitchen is just fine. Well, you need to think of your potential buyers and consider whether they’ll accept just fine or not. According to Consumer Reports, 53% of real estate professionals believe that the kitchen is the most important room to have in tip top shape. Kitchen upgrades can range from $300 – $5,000+, but offer a potential return of 3-7% on the home’s value. Of course you can’t spend the megabucks and expect 100% of return, so start small with the minor repairs – the leaky faucet, or the dim and cracked lights. Once those are completed, you can think about painting the walls and cabinets or replacing the countertop. Consult your real estate agent about which upgrades will give you the most bang for your buck. They should know the comps for the area.

Utilize technology to advertise your space

In today’s technology age, you absolutely have to be where the consumers are. Consumers are inundated with information constantly and you will need to fight to garner their attention. Whether it’s Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, other listing platforms, or simply social media, make sure you market your space where people are searching and market it in creative ways. Nearly all home searches now begin online or a mobile device, and that’s where your home needs to be! Not sure how to market it? Whether working alone or with an agent, you can utilize real estate specific apps (like ReaLync) to create creative, engaging content that will capture the eyes and attention of consumers wherever they are. Don’t miss out on capturing today’s generation of buyers – upgrade your photo and video game!

Play the agent field

Hiring the wrong agent will immediately put you behind the game. If you’re looking to sell your home quickly and efficiently, you will need an agent who is completely informed about the area, knows what properties are going on and off the market, and has a game plan set for how to get eyes on your home and the property sold. A good agent will be constantly monitoring the multiple listing services (MLS) and know the comps in the neighborhood. A tech-savvy one will have a full plan put together complete with which listing sites your property will appear on, what marketing strategies will be pursued on which platforms, and what creative content will need to be produced to showcase your property in the best way possible. Never force things with an agent – if you have any doubts about the their abilities, hold off on establishing the relationship and keep looking.

Set the price right

It’s pretty simple…no matter how well your home is advertised, if it’s not priced right, then it won’t sell. It’s important to discuss with a real estate professional your time frame and desired price range. There are two ways to approach it, but ultimately pricing depends on the type of market available and the strategy you or your agent uses. You can either price it just above the market value to leave room for negotiation, or price it just under market value to create a sense of urgency. Either way, make sure to do what works best for you and always discuss all of your options.

The time is here and now. What are you waiting for? Go sell you home!

What are some creative and innovative things you’ve done to efficiently sell your home? We want to hear all about it! Comment below or email us at contact@realync.com.

Until next time…keep it real!