Realync’s latest AI-powered innovation enhances the touring experience for potential residents by providing unit-level photos and simplifies the content creation process for property teams.

Realync announced the release of a new product that can automatically extract photos from user videos. This innovation enables users to effortlessly showcase unit-level photos on a large scale, setting a new standard in the multifamily industry.

Historically, Realync has provided a range of video services and options for 360 tours to its users. However, with its new offering, Realync is expanding beyond its video origins to include the capability for users to generate still images automatically.

Realync’s new product simplifies the process of turning videos into still images. Leveraging artificial intelligence, users can extract up to six images from each segment of a regular video or 360 virtual tour in the Realync platform, making content creation faster and easier. Realync’s photo extraction capability is available exclusively to users on its core package at no additional cost.

“This new addition to Realync’s suite of virtual offerings underscores our dedication to creating a comprehensive virtual toolkit for multifamily professionals to showcase their spaces at the unit level,” stated Matt Weirich, Co-founder and CEO of Realync. “Utilizing AI to create polished still photos of units without the need for any additional work for our clients is the definition of enhancing and streamlining unit-level media for our industry.”

Alongside Realync’s new photo extraction product, Realync remains committed to offering DIY video, live video, self-guided video tours, virtual staging, 360 virtual media, and Realync Studios’ services, specializing in capturing content for multifamily properties.