As we like to do here at Realync, let’s keep it real. This year has been really hard for many different reasons. It can be overwhelming to wrap your head around how you can bring joy to people this Christmas in a time when the world seems so scary. This holiday season we want to share with you what we did here at Realync in hopes that it can be a reminder that even the simplest of actions can make a big impact.

Check out our video of us participating in 12 Days of Love Letters

12 Days of Love Letters

This year for our Christmas service project, the Realync team participated in the 12 Days of Love Letters campaign put on by an awesome organization called More Love Letters! The purpose of this mission is to send people in need a little extra love and encouragement around Christmas time in the form of a letter. Each day from December 7th through the 18th, we received a letter request in our busy inboxes detailing the person in need of some extra love right now. The Realync team carved out time to write a personalized letter to the person in need of encouragement.

And guess what…

All together, we wrote 240 letters that are being sent to people in need all across the country, and even the world this holiday season!

To Ann Maria from Virginia, Jess from Michigan, Matthew from New Jersey, Kris from Connecticut, Geydi from California, residents of an assisted living home in Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts, Marci from Maine, Robin from Slovenia, Madisan from South Carolina, Sarah from Michigan, Artemis from British Columbia, and anyone else needing some extra love and support this year, we appreciate all of you and you are not alone!

If you’re looking for a way to show your love and support to someone who might be struggling this year, put a pen to some paper and try writing them a note. You have no idea how much your words can brighten someone’s day and even year.

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