Today, Realync, the multifamily industry’s leading virtual leasing and engagement platform, announces that its platform now offers video templates to guide users in video tour creation.

Training and education have been a top priority for Realync to equip its users with the know-how and ability to perform higher. The new template builder allows Realync users to create authentic, personalized, and streamlined content through the platform, standardizing videos across a user’s entire portfolio effortlessly to capture the attention of their prospects.

“The release of Realync’s video templates unlocks user ability to capture more granular data on video interactions,” said Moses Dwaram, Vice President of Technology. “Our big initiative for 2021 has been to determine prospect sentiment, and at the same time, provide actionable insights of that sentiment to our clients.”

Realync is helping thousands of apartment communities across the US and UK expertly market, lease, and manage their properties. The company’s virtual services have grown rapidly amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. In just four months, Realync’s user base quadrupled while live video tours hosted on its platform increased by over 11,000%.

“This product release reinforces Realync’s commitment to enriching the entire video creation and delivery process,” said Ani Rangarajan, Co-founder and COO of Realync. “In the past year, Realync has released an Android 1.0 version, web accessibility capabilities, and now, we are launching a template builder to enhance our users’ ability to create standardized, streamlined content at scale. We’re excited to continue evolving our platform for the needs of the multifamily ecosystem and add unique value for our clients.”

The Realync platform has grown to enable corporate and management controls over their teams’ virtual leasing, marketing, and resident engagement efforts. These controls range from data and reporting, to secret shopping of tour experiences, to custom branding controls, video download controls, WCAG and Fair Housing compliance, and more.

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