Word on the street is that you’re occupied! Congratulations—that’s a huge accomplishment!

Since you’re killing it with your leasing strategies, I’m sure you’re doing the same with your video content strategies. But, adding an outside perspective into your leasing and marketing strategy discussions is always a great practice regardless if you’re just getting started with video or not.

Consider creating a few of these videos while your community is occupied! Why? Well, remember that you are not always going to be highly occupied, so you’ll want to have that unit library built out for when units are about to turn, and you have interested prospects. So, here are a few video ideas:

Build Out a Move-In Playlist

  • Meet the Team
  • Where to unload for move-in
  • How packages/mail are received
  • How to pay rent online
  • Where to dispose of trash/boxes after move-in

Build Out a Move-Out Playlist

  • Start with the renewal options, then discuss the items required if they elect not to renew (move-out inspection, 60 days notice, etc.)
  • Expectation for the state of an apartment at move-out
  • How to properly dispose of trash
  • General process overview (where to park the moving truck, turn in keys, etc.)

Create Maintenance Tips & Tricks Videos

  • What defines an emergency? If it is an emergency, create a video about how to contact maintenance.
  • How to submit a non-emergent service request
  • How to reset the garbage disposal
  • How to plunge a toilet

Create Seasonal Updates

  • Pool policy in the spring
  • Pet waste pick-up, parking/snow removal, etc. in the winter
  • Neighborhood Highlights (take the stabilizer around town!)


  • Video happy residents (and embed these on your websites!)
  • Ask for reviews on Google, Yelp, etc.


  • Feature upcoming resident events
  • Share updates on construction or capital improvements

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