In partnership with J. Turner Research, we asked over 80 multifamily leaders for their perspectives on how their on-site teams leverage video tools today, how impactful video has been for them, and what they envision for the future of leasing. Then, voila! We gathered so many incredible insights that we had to turn them into a report (access it here)!

However, we couldn’t just stop there; these statistics will be a topic of conversation for a long time–we can see (and feel) it. That’s why we’re running a new series called, We See a Great Video Strategy in Your Future, in which we look into the crystal ball (and the report) to share the facts and tell the possible fortunes for you and your properties with video, of course! For part one of this series, let’s talk about this finding:

“Virtual” has been a predominant buzzword since March of 2020. But, let’s rewind for a second and think way back before 2020 when virtual options weren’t as commonly known. For years, leasing teams could only engage or tour prospects in person. So, prospective renters had no other choice but to go to the property and tour. While in-person touring might be some prospects’ preference, others, not so much. It could be because these prospects live out of state, their schedules don’t align with leasing hours, or they prefer an alternative option, such as a virtual tour.

Fact: 93% of leaders envision the renter’s leasing experience in 5-10 years to be a hybrid approach—a blend of in-person tours and virtual tours.

We’re ecstatic to see multifamily professionals realize the need for multiple touring options at their properties. However, video is still relatively new to some multifamily professionals. In the report, we identify knowledge gaps between video technology and multifamily (and what gets in the way of scaling a video strategy).

We understand some multifamily professionals need assistance with utilizing video throughout the renter lifecycle. So, to give you—a leasing professional, property manager, or multifamily marketer—an idea of how video is used today, check out these examples.

  • Market: Create memorable experiences and get more clicks on your community’s website by embedding videos of the neighborhood or posting the video on social! View the example here.
  • Lease: Convert more prospects into renters by providing a live tour option so leasing agents can answer prospects’ questions/ concerns in real-time. View the example here.
  • Engage: Leasing teams can engage new residents by making their move-in day seamless with a video tutorial of what they can expect and instructions on how to move in. View the example here.

Fortune: We see you considering – or enhancing – your video strategy with an all-in-one solution (we just can’t quite see who you partner with 😉).

Whether you agree or disagree on implementing a video strategy, I think we can agree— multifamily professionals or vendors within multifamily—that we’re all trying to enhance the leasing experience for the prospect and leasing agent and that’s a fact!

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