On the market for a new moisturizer? Or what about a new workout set? The hot pink Lululemon yoga pants are certainly trendy—hi, Barbie.

Whatever you’re ready to buy online, you’re shopping the moment you hit that brand’s website.

The same can be said for renters.

Renters start touring your community the minute they hit your website. You have seconds to make an impression before you lose visitors’ attention—and potential sales—forever.

Like traditional self-guided tours, there’s a new kid on the block to tour renters more conveniently and quickly. It’s called: Self-guided video tours.

We refer to it as Realync Journeys. 

Follow along as I explain how self-guided video tours work. It might be just what your website and leasing teams need to get more signed leases.

Why Self-Guided Video Tours

The goal of any website lead magnet in multifamily is to generate more qualified leads and reduce friction, time, and money for leasing teams. 

The best lead magnets create a memorable experience for renters and put community, neighborhood, and unit details front and center on your website.

Self-guided video tours work as lead magnets because they’re the 1-2 punch: Educational and engaging. They show—and tell—renters about your unique community in more ways than what a static image could.

Let me share how our self-guided video tours, Realync Journeys, work. 

How Realync Journeys Work

Step One: Website visitors enter your site and select, “Click me!” in the bottom right corner where your journey lives.

Step Two: The website visitor chooses their own path like a unit tour, amenity tour or neighborhood tour.

Step Three: Visitors absorb all the needed information about your community to make a decision on whether to request an in-person tour or skip right to the application.

Step Four: Visitors contact you or apply! And you generate more qualified, knowledgeable renters.

Get Started with Realync Journeys

Realync journeys unlock a time-saved touring experience for leasing professionals, marketers, and renters. These lead magnet experiences help your leasing teams tour renters around your community digitally 24/7 while capturing their attention—and contact information. 

So why consider Realync Journeys? You can put your leasing teams’ faces and their voices on your website, giving renters a first impression that is a friendly and knowledgeable extension of your brand and also help you show off some of the most differentiating values of your community. 

Renters want to trust ‘people’ before they rent the apartment. And now, you don’t have to wait for them to walk in the door to start creating that relationship. Because it starts the minute they hit your website.