Multifamily’s Ultimate Budget Season Guide for Virtual Leasing in 2022

In This Guide:

  • Benefits of partnering with a multifamily-built virtual leasing and engagement platform
  • How Realync clients continue to find success with Realync (real results included)
  • How to approach your leasing and marketing strategy with video to generate more qualified leads

About This Guide:

Traditionally, multifamily budgets consist of heavy spending at the top of the funnel (e.g. media buys and traffic generation) for marketing purposes. But when balanced more appropriately with spend reallocated equally across each unique conversion point, on-site teams can accomplish stronger, more efficient results with less spend—so, where exactly should you reallocate those funds?

Interactive video technology has allowed teams to accommodate site-unseen requests, accelerate leasing numbers, engage with prospective residents in other states, and save maintenance and leasing teams’ time. And even more, video has empowered teams to create real connections with current and prospective residents through storytelling. Download this playbook to dive into 2022 budgetary necessities and see what we can do together!

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