Have you heard of TikTok star Madison Humphrey?

She’s known for creating video content that captures laughs, likes, comments, and, most importantly—attention.

She’s even gone viral (16M views) for poking fun at our industry.

Although I wasn’t thrilled about her poking fun at our incredible property managers, I couldn’t ignore how Madison amassed video views.

There are three standout strategies from Madison that multifamily can adopt to grab renters’ attention with video

Shows Her Personality

Madison brings her A-game with a personality that’s just real and authentic. She’s relatable, funny, and herself, making you feel like she’s your new BFF through the screen.

How can multifamily show their personality on video? Share a fun fact in your next resident video. Big-time foodie? Dog lover? Share that with your renters when you talk about neighborhood events.

Creates Unpolished Videos

Madison keeps it raw and unfiltered. There aren’t any fancy edits or over-the-top video production.

How can multifamily create unpolished videos? Shameless plug — use Realync, multifamily’s video tool.

Publishes Videos Consistently

Madison delivers content consistently, maintaining an online presence. She commits to regular uploads to keep her audience engaged.

How can multifamily create videos consistently? Begin with one video per week. Gradually increase your frequency each month to establish a video creation routine. As you find your stride, you’ll discover how effortless it becomes.

Builds Trust

One other observation for you. People don’t just buy from people they like — they buy from people they trust. People trust Madison because of her authentic behavior.

And renters will trust leasing agents, too. By following some of Madison’s techniques, teams can build deeper trust with renters.

There you have it.

My team and I enjoy analyzing video content to uncover how multifamily can find success with video. In fact, my colleague—Kristi Fickert—just launched the next season of her email-based video course.

She analyzed over 65,000 videos in the Realync database to find what type of video content gets videos and secures leases from prospective renters.

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