ReaLync’s entire team works right here in the heart of Chicago. And over the years, we’ve come to know the many Chicago neighborhoods very well. Dinner breaks or date nights take us all around the or a late night cold one will have us venturing out to a favorite local spot in our neighborhood. Whether it’s a slice of pie at Pequods in Lincoln Park or arcade games at Headquarters in River North, Chicago has a neighborhood that fits the bill.

Just as important as knowing the best spot for pizza or where to grab a beer, knowing the people in a neighborhood is an extremely important factor — nearly as important as your cost of rent.

In a city with 77 neighborhoods, the people are everything and it would be a vast understatement to say that the people vary only slightly neighborhood to neighborhood. Each different locale offers vastly different communities and experiences, which is why deciding where to plant your flag, and with whom, can be a daunting task.

So, as you sweat looking for that perfect one bedroom and lassoing a roommate at the same time, take in these helpful infographics from our friends at Apartment List showing average neighborhood rent prices. – and stereotypes.

Wrigley and GCBucktown and River NorthWest LoopThe LoopBucktownPilsen

Chicagoans, chime in! Do you think their descriptions hold up? We’re curious to know what Chicago thinks!

Until next time…Keep it Real!