In a recent blog post, we talked about ways to utilize video marketing. Whether it’s going live or leveraging social media, there are plenty of ways that you could and should be using video for your real estate business today. Let’s assume that you’re producing some great video content and are looking for how to get it out to people. Look no further than the tip of your fingers. There are some pretty easy ways to instantly disseminate your videos via social media and applications that you are likely using on a daily basis anyways.


5 million users published videos within the first 24 hours of Instagram’s video release. The three-to-fifteen second video length will allow you to highlight the main attributes of a property or some piece of guidance/advice while also keeping it short and sweet. Coldwell Banker does a great job with showcasing photos of properties and many others do a great job of flipping through photos of a space, but think beyond that. Why not try out Hyperlapse or use creative hashtags to build your personal brand? Whether it’s Instagram or Twitter, the magic behind building a larger audience is in the hashtags… When used effectively, you can establish yourself as an expert or go to person in a particular geography or for a specific topic.


As I mentioned, hashtags work! They group together similar content and therefore deliver users that are looking for what you’re tweeting about whether they follow you or not. The great thing about video on Twitter is that videos embed right into tweets and truly stand out amongst the world of text around them. With a couple creative hashtags and some standard ones (“realestate”, etc.), you can truly start to build a strong following on Twitter that will not only see your content, but hopefully share it as well. Start out easy and set a cadence to when you’ll post content and when you’ll follow people back and engage with their content. This is something that can all be done via the mobile application and managed on your own time.


Videos now play instantly while users scroll past them which is a powerful way to grab someone’s attention! Unless someone is friends with you or has followed/liked your business’ Facebook page (your business does have a Facebook page, right?), odds are that they will not simply stumble across your content. Whether that’s on purpose or just kind of happened, it’s ingenious because the way to ensure people stumble across your video content is by throwing some advertising $$ behind it. The great thing about advertising on Facebook is that you can not only get ridiculously focused on whom it is you want to advertise your video to, but you can do so for as little as $5 or so.


Though sending messages and pictures to your clients via Snapchat, even if it is real estate related, could be (would be) weird, Snapchat Discover is an amazing place to showcase your video content. Not only is this a place where consumers can discover your amazing video content, but the offering allows marketers to directly sponsor stories as well; which means potential backing from larger brands. Not only could this put you in front of the ever-increasing number of Millenial buyers in the market, but also garner significant exposure should a big brand back your story. In this article, Kevin Hopp does a great job of diving deeper into the impact SnapChat can have and showcasing how you can build your presence on this app.

Just imagine what you can do with video. If you don’t believe me, check out Placester’s 8 Breathtaking Real Estate Listing Videos from 2014 to see just good your videos can be.

How do you use video in real estate marketing? Have you found any useful apps? We want to hear about it! Email us at and keep checking back to our Keepin’ It Real blog for more tips on the real estate market.

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