With Instagram popularity continuing to rise, teams are incorporating it into their everyday marketing in more and more ways. Instagram can be a tricky social media platform to figure out and leave teams with many questions, but the main one being: why can’t I upload a Realync video on Instagram with the link in the post? While that is not an available option right this second due to Instagram’s API limitations, we have figured out some quick fixes and hacks to get your Realync video onto Instagram!

One thing worth noting, the Realync platform does not allow you to download videos outside of the App due to the loss of all tracking and data among other key factors. Since Realync videos are shared via links and Instagram does not allow you post videos using links at this time, here are some of the top ways you can work around that:


Post a Teaser Photo

This option is your good-ole Instagram post to your page. You can create an image using Canva or use a photo to tease what the video is about — a unit tour, community overview, or amenities tour, etc.!

Simply open the Instagram app, click the “+” and select the image you want to use to promote. Follow the steps through the “next” button to edit the image and don’t forget to write a caption mentioning that the link to the video is in your bio!

Speaking of link in bio, that’s the critical step to make this post work. Adding the link to your bio is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. In the Instagram app, click your profile image located on the bottom right. This will bring you to an overview of your community’s page.
  2. Click “Edit Profile”
  3. Add the link in the “Link to Website” line and click “Done”

Utilize Linktree

Concerned about having to remember to update the link in your bio every time you want to post a video? Or want the ability to have multiple bio links? There’s an option for that! With this option, you will never have to change the link in your bio again!

Linktr.ee is the launchpad to your latest video, article, recipe, tour, store, website, social post – everywhere you are online. We highly recommend Linktree as we use it ourselves, just check the @realyncapp Instagram page. It is a free platform that you can easily use to manage multiple links in your bio rather than having to change your link in bio for every post!

To get started, visit their website and create an account that you can share with your team. Log in, add a new link, give it a title, and turn the button on! Every Instagram post will need to have messaging guiding people toward the link in your bio, but this method will give your Instagram visitors multiple options to choose from.

Side note: Realync can turn on a Linktree button for users who want to track that as an engagement source!

IGTV Video

This one is a tricky one, so please let our team know if you would like a video call to help you get this set up on your page. To create an IGTV video, your video must be longer than one minute.

To get started, you’ll want to create a video in Instagram, for example you can start with a video of yourself talking about the apartment community features and amenities. You will then want to paste the Realync link in the video description. In that video that you shot in Instagram and/or in the title of the video, direct users to click on the link in the description. You can leave it like that or post a story, with your IGTV video linked, telling your followers to swipe up to view the IGTV video.

At the end of the day you really want to drive the traffic back to the leasing team so by only having one or two full videos, you’re giving them a teaser and still wanting to contact you for more!


Sponsored Posts = Swipe Up Feature

While this option will cost you money, it is the easiest way to get a Call-To-Action feature. To start, you need a business profile account on Instagram. To make these as effective as possible, we recommend having your target audience nailed down. This includes exact audiences based off of the following targeting options: Location, demographics, interests, behaviors, etc. The more targeted, the more likely to convert. Instagram provides ads for the following options: stories, photos, videos, carousel, and more. You can view further details describing those here.

If you have 10K followers or more on your business profile, you instantly have access to add the swipe up feature on any post, which is the perfect way to have viewers engage with your Realync video content on Instagram. If you don’t have that many followers, you can pay to add the swipe up feature though and it’s a very, quick and easy way to be very targeted in your Instagram + Realync efforts.

Want some inspiration for how you can make Realync videos work for you on Instagram? Here are some of our clients pages you can view to see how they are utilizing Realync + Instagram:

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As always, Realync is here to help you. If you are a client and have any questions, please login to your account and chat to our team. This is the best way to get a hold of our Client Experience team as we are “freaky fast” in responding!

Until next time… keep it real!