Video interviewing is a recent component that’s been added across industries’ hiring processes to evaluate the candidates – professionally and personally. And, it’s saving hiring managers time! 56% of recruiters say lengthy hiring practices hold managers back from filling positions. But, let’s step back for a second and define “video interviewing” as it comes in many shapes and forms.

For the interviewee, video interviewing is the process of virtually interviewing for an open job position. For the interviewer, it’s the process of virtually interviewing a candidate for a job opening or posting videos on ILS and social sites for a job opening. This can be done through live or pre-recorded two-way or one-way video conferencing. Compared with just 2 years ago, 87% more people are choosing to use video conferencing!

While the pandemic pushed virtual capabilities forward, they aren’t going anywhere! So, here’s how multifamily can enhance their hiring process to keep and retain an irreplaceable and successful team with video.

What’s Lost in Traditional Communication Efforts

The thing with video is you get to see the dialogue and digital experience in real-time, whereas with traditional communication efforts (i.e., email, texting, and phone calls) a few things can get lost in translation, such as:

  • Facial expressions
  • Personality
  • Authenticity
  • Tone
  • Enthusiasm

Benefits of Video Interviewing

Video interviewing gives hiring managers an opportunity to build deeper connections with candidates more than a resume ever could. Resumes are important but it’s also crucial to add a step in your hiring process where you get to know the other person beyond his/her resume. What do they do outside of work? What are their hobbies? Do they have a family? Just be mindful not to ask questions that are too personal!

Using video in your hiring process also helps candidates visualize the day-to-day of a job more than a job description ever could. And the more video becomes prominent in our society, the less camera shy we are becoming. And, videos help ease some of the anxiety that comes with job hunting.

By creating a video showcasing your company’s culture, job seekers can get a glimpse into the company. Be sure to share these job posting videos on social media; like Facebook, LinkedIn, even TikTok! Have you heard about TikTok Resumes? Click here to learn more about it!

Video Is Taking Over

Video is becoming the “norm”. It’s not uncommon to see teen girls practicing a dance and recording content to share on vlogs or TikTok, as I mentioned earlier. Regular phone calls have been replaced by video calls.

Video content creation is a skill that is needed; because customers connect with video communication, experience in video production (even if it’s ametuer) is a desirable skill.

Video interviews can offer insight into the comfort level your candidates have. If the position requires working with customers or creating content, the video interview process is a way to showcase this skill. Especially, if virtual tours are an important part of your leasing strategy, you’ll want to see how potential employees perform on video!

Scale your reach to prospective residents by leveraging video tours, click here to get started!

Realync uses video in the hiring process. The first step is resume submission; if the candidate’s qualifications meet the requirements, they will be invited to submit a short video answering a few questions. This allows the candidate to show their personality and become more than just a piece of paper.

Rachel Yockey, VP of Experience at Realync, had this to say about the addition of video into our hiring process. “Our product is based on using video to make real, human connections between prospects and leasing teams. In order to “walk our walk,” we decided to implement video into our employment prospects’ very first experience with us during the application phase. They get a chance to virtually meet their functions leader through an introduction video, and then in turn we get to meet them.

Rachel added, “Resumes just can’t tell a story and enable a connection like a video can, and we want to ensure that every qualified applicant gets a chance to show us who they are before we mutually invest a lot of time continuing in the interview process.”

The Great Resignation of 2021

It’s possible that a job seeker checks all the boxes, but might not be a good culture fit. Not to mention, these videos give candidates the opportunity to be memorable to the hiring team.

In return, video is essential for showing a candidate why your organization would be a great fit for them! Oftentimes, employees discover after joining the company that they don’t align with the organization’s values, or there is a disconnect between leadership and employees.

The Great Resignation” of 2021 is a result of employees taking a stand and moving on from positions that aren’t aligned with their personal goals and overall well-being as human beings. Because of this, we are left with several openings, and job seekers can be choosy when making a decision on their next career move.

On-site teams especially, typically don’t have the option to work remotely or have flexible schedules due to leasing office hours and resident needs, which is contributing to this high turnover in our industry. If we don’t provide our teams with options, tools, training, and company culture, we are at risk of losing incredible talent to a competitor, or another industry altogether. See how multifamily can support remote work in our Forbes article!

Leasing office hours are normally 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., with requirements for leasing teams to work weekends. These hours can be difficult to maintain for an employee with a family. Allowing options for our on-site teams to have a more flexible schedule – with room for development and growth will attract and retain that top-notch talent.

Realync’s Live Sessions provide the technology management companies need to allow on-site teams to lease apartments via staggered schedules, remotely, from a centralized location, or from the sidelines of the soccer field on the weekend.

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