It’s important to know how to give the best virtual walkthrough of a property. It’s a skill today’s leasing teams need to stand out in their market.

There are plenty of important details we can tap into to assist you in giving a great virtual tour. So, of course, we’ll mention some of those. But, if you’re looking to give the best virtual tour, you’ll want to think about these two main things and why they matter to your prospective residents.

To give the best virtual walkthrough, the two main factors are to think about your virtual tour the same as you would as an in-person tour and make sure you have the right virtual tour software available.

Don’t Treat Virtual as Virtual

The number one thing on the list of creating a virtual tour for real estate that will really work is not to treat it like a virtual tour. That’s right. Don’t think about your virtual walkthrough as virtual. Treat it the same as if you have an actual person you’re walking through the unit. That one shift in mindset can make all the difference for a leasing team. Think about all the things you do when you have an in-person tour and translate that to your virtual walkthrough. Let’s start at setup.

When you have an in-person tour, how do you prepare the unit? Of course, you’ll make sure it’s clean. But think about these questions:

  • Have you opened the windows to let all the natural light in?
  • Have you made sure things like toilet seats are down and shower curtains are pulled back in the bathrooms?
  • When you’re giving an in-person tour, where do you start it? Don’t start in the living room. Film walking into the door and the entryway.

You want your virtual audience to picture what it would be like to walk in that door to their new home.

The core focus of your walkthrough, whether virtual or in person, should be actively showing your prospect what they want and however they want it. A virtual walkthrough doesn’t mean faster or rushed. It doesn’t mean less transparency. Every prospect has preferences for their new home. We all do! It’s the role of the leasing agent to sell them on the space, answer their questions, and build a relationship at a critical time. Doing that starts to instill and build trust and transparency, which is necessary for the leasing process.

There are plenty of virtual tour benefits, the main one being that it can offer all the great parts of an in-person walkthrough of an apartment from wherever the prospect feels comfortable. So make sure you’re offering that experience.

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Get the Right Technology

The next way to give the best virtual walkthrough is to have the right technology. Having the right virtual tour creator can make or break the experience for leasing agents and prospects as it directly plays into how authentic a virtual walkthrough can be.

The right virtual walkthrough software allows leasing teams to show a resident the exact unit they’ll be living in or the exact floor plan of the unit they could be living in. That can be a huge factor for residents when making their decision on their next home. Knowing everything from countertops to outlet placements to the location in the building – talk about feeling confident in your choice!

If you have a stabilized property and don’t have that specific unit or unoccupied floorplan available to show, that’s where having a library of pre-recorded video tours can come in pretty handy. It allows the leasing agent to walk the prospect through the space via pre-recorded video. The leasing agent can then answer questions and point out certain features. That’s the type of human-to-human interaction that will pay off. The prospect is still with the leasing agent in real-time, and the agent is still able to show the unit and talk through it live with the prospect even if the exact unit is currently occupied.

With the right technology, your teams are set to succeed in the virtual walkthrough environment. Whether it’s a pre-recorded video of yourself walking the prospect through the space or a live virtual walkthrough, you want it to be a meaningful and transparent experience. These virtual styles of tours aren’t going anywhere so knowing how to create a virtual tour that will stand out from the crowd is critical. With these tips? You’ll do just that.

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