It’s no secret that the first step in running a successful multifamily community is generating plenty of property management leads. It’s why one of the biggest questions for multifamily property managers today is “how do I get leads for my property?”

As the multifamily space becomes more and more competitive, finding those leads becomes more challenging. To help you out, here are our top ways to get more property management leads in multifamily.

Internet Listing Sites (ILS)

Among the easiest ways to see increased leads for property managers is to pay for them. That’s right. Property management companies can simply invest in a few different paid lead generation methods.

For example, properties can invest more in internet listing services (ILS). That includes sites like Zillow,, and others. If you spend more showcasing your property on those sites, you’ll likely see more property management leads coming in the door.

Another easy way to see more leads is to invest more money in paid media. Paid ads, boosting social media posts, those sorts of tactics will get the property in front of more people. It’s not cheap, but the leg work is minimal.

One thing to note is that these methods may not work if you’re looking for how to improve property management business success as they won’t be qualified leads. Your team will spend quite a bit of time doing the qualifying on their own. But, they are definitely going to help answer the question of how to get rental leads in real estate.

If you’re looking for qualified leads, and ones that will help shorten the lead-to-lease timeframe, you may want to steer closer toward digital spaces you own.


There are also easy ways to drive more property management leads that are less expensive and can bring in more qualified leads. These tactics involve focusing on your owned digital real estate. That means turning your focus on optimizing your website and your owned digital platforms.

Optimize owned digital space

To optimize your owned digital space to generate property management leads, start with your property website. Make sure it’s optimized to quickly attract the attention of prospective residents. One way? Having dynamic content, like video, available to showcase what the property has to offer.

Another factor that can be overlooked is to set up the site so visitors can take action quickly. Don’t make them have to hunt, scroll excessively, or have to look too hard to find the information they want. Make it easy for them to get where they need to go and see what they want to see. That information should be available through interactive media, video or other dynamic and engaging content.

There are a few technology resources available, easily integrated into a property website that can do just that. One is Engrain’s sitemap technology, another is the PERQ chatbot or the Betterbot chatbot. These are valuable Chatbots and website pop-ups that can allow for quick navigation and over smarter CTAs. Digital experiences like these will pull that prospect in to further engage with the website, increasing their time on site. That will also increase the likelihood that a visitor will take an action and convert to a lead. Not only that, but a more qualified lead. They’ll have seen more and know what they are getting into.

Effectiveness of Messaging

Another way to bring in more qualified property management leads in an easy, cost-effective way is to increase the effectiveness of your messaging. While the above technologies are great, they shouldn’t be used to just create more popups or digital experiences. Ensure the messaging being conveyed is what you want your prospects to see.

Video, for example, is a great way to increase average time on site. So, make sure your video is sharing the right brand messaging. Videos should be real and authentic. Use your leasing team to get in front of the camera to talk through a certain amenity. Or ask your current residents to talk through what they enjoy most about living in the community. Include videos that highlight resident events, neighborhood block parties, or anything that will showcase what is really special about your property.

If you’re asking what should a property manager do to get leads that will convert – a big part of that is making sure your messaging is real and authentic.

When it comes to your owned media spaces, you’ll want to give visitors the information they are looking for easily and wrapped in the right messaging. Leaving them wanting more is great for showbiz but, when you leave a visitor wanting too much information about your property, they are going to go elsewhere.

There is so much information available online. When someone visits your owned platforms, from your website to social media profiles, make sure you’re giving them what they are looking for and delighting them. That is what will prompt them to take an action, converting to a property management lead.

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