Today’s apartment marketing teams, property managers, and leasing teams have a myriad of apartment marketing tools at their fingertips. All of these tools can help communities stand out in a crowded marketplace and create truly meaningful and memorable experiences for prospects.

In the apartment marketing phase, you’re looking to pull leads into the funnel to convert them to signed leases. With prospects in this phase of apartment shopping, you have ample opportunity to impress them and, on the other side of the coin, ample opportunity to lose them.

That’s where video comes in. Video is the medium prospects engage with the most and is the foundation for creating a memorable experience.

In fact, if you’re still not sold on video or how to use it, check out our latest playbook outlining how your leasing teams can increase engagement with a lead-generating video strategy and how to leverage interactive video technology for the toughest crowds.

Creating those memorable marketing experiences with video apartment marketing tools boils down to two fundamental characteristics – authenticity and personalization. Here’s what we mean.


Most prospects in the multifamily real estate space are looking for authenticity and realness in their apartment search. Conveying that realness is what will make an experience memorable in the best ways and help your property stand out from the rest.

An easy way to portray an honest exchange through apartment marketing videos is by making them DIY, shot by the on-site team. They aren’t overly produced with a high production value, or too long. But, they are clean, professional, simple, and authentic. They represent the community, the team and give prospects an idea of what it would be like to live there. DIY videos paint a realistic picture of what living in that community would really be like.

For example, if you’re trying to figure out how to market a luxury apartment, you may think you need all the fancy bells and whistles for your marketing video since the community is beautiful. That’s not the case. A simple, professional video recorded by a leasing agent showing the property in an authentic way is going to go much further – and it still showcases your beautiful community. It’s a much better marketing idea for luxury apartments and it is going to create an experience that sticks with the prospect and one they’ll want to come back to.

You can come with all the fun marketing ideas for apartments or creative marketing ideas for property management that you want. However, if you don’t add in the transparency prospects desire, they may fall flat.


Picture this. A prospect has filled out a general information form to learn more about your community. They’re looking for a one-bedroom, one-bath unit and they’re looking to move in on January 1st. You respond with a video where you address the prospect by name and walk the prospect through a unit that fits the exact specifications they’re looking for.

How’s that for using apartment marketing tools to create a memorable experience?

By collecting information via a website form, phone call, or however the information is shared, leasing agents can offer a highly personalized follow-up video. Leasing agents and on-site teams can proactively answer as many questions as possible up front and address any relevant information for that prospect. It’s by far one of the strongest ways you can create a memorable experience for a prospect. Plus, it will make the experience overall stand out from the competition.

By using your apartment marketing tools to create authentic and personalized videos for prospects, you’re going to automatically create memorable experiences for them. Those early memorable experiences will draw them into your lead-to-lease funnel. However, that’s not the end. Using a specific set of important data points, you can develop data-driven stories at each phase of the funnel with property technology tools.

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