What is the point of using or understanding how to create a virtual tour if you aren’t using it to close leases? The point of all marketing and leasing technology is to make the lead-to-lease process smoother, quicker, and more effective for leasing teams. And virtual tours are such a critical part of that process.

Virtual tour software has multiple benefits along the lead-to-lease lifecycle. So much so that the world of virtual reality tours continues to grow immensely. Just look at the sheer number of virtual tour creators for real estate on the market. It now includes 360 tours, 3D tours, and even live and pre-recorded video tours of an actual unit. The most important step in the resident lifecycle is knowing how to create a virtual tour that closes. Here’s a little more about what we mean by that.

Understand the Impact of Virtual Tours

Virtual tour software and virtual tour apps are a must have for today’s multifamily communities. But there’s more to it than just knowing how to make a virtual tour with a smartphone or tablet, or understanding Google tour creator. There are many components to understanding what a virtual tour can do for you and the prospect. . Virtual tours span every aspect of the leasing lifecycle. From top-of-funnel marketing to prospect engagement to touring to follow up to getting leases signed. And, each of these steps is important and the virtual tour plays a critical role in various ways throughout. However, when we are talking about getting leases signed and creating virtual tours that close, we need to be more specific.

How to Use Virtual Tours to Close

When we talk about how to create a virtual tour that closes, lets hone in on the virtual leasing aspect of the virtual tour definition. The best virtual tour software is going to go beyond top-of-funnel video tours. A 3D virtual tour or a 360 virtual tour that lives on the website just isn’t going to pull the prospect through the funnel. These types of tours aren’t as personable and authentic. They aren’t able to dive into all areas of a property like the right virtual tour platform allows or show the specific unit that a prospect might be leasing. Additionally, 3D virtual and 360 virtual tours are one-dimensional, meaning they don’t allow the prospect to influence their own experience or interact with the leasing agent to have their individual questions answered. WIthout any human-to-human interaction or back and forth with the leasing agent, there isn’t a chance for a prospect to get what they need in order to be comfortable enough to lease.

How to create a virtual tour that will hold your prospect’s attention

Using the right virtual tours as part of the virtual leasing process allows for both conversation and personalization to that individual. Leasing agents should learn how to make a virtual tour for real estate on their own because that personalization to each individual prospect is that important in the leasing process. Knowing how to use virtual tour creators to create a personalized tour and how to create that opportunity to connect with your prospect, is the key to closing. Personalized pre-recorded video tours or live video tours allow:

  • Prospects to get their questions answered.
  • Prospects to see the actual unit they would be moving into.
  • Prospects to see the property amenities.
  • Leasing agents to provide catered messaging and highlights for the prospect.
  • Leasing agents to build the relationship with the prospect.
  • All parties (roommates, significant others, family, etc.) to experience the property together.

With personalized pre-recorded tours or live video tours, the leasing agent can focus on showcasing the community while focusing on what matters most to that prospect. These types of virtual leasing tools take prospective residents through everything that’s going to check off the boxes in their leasing process. Those are the things that will drive them through the funnel and drive them to the finish line – a signed lease.

If you’re looking for a useful virtual tour creator for every step of the resident lifecycle, Realync is that tool. Most important, it is the virtual leasing tool that can not only offer top-of-funnel marketing pieces, but it can be your virtual leasing powerhouse. By this we mean, there are plenty of virtual tour creator apps on the market that can give you a decent virtual tour. But, Realync offers the option for live and pre-recorded video tours as well as personalized tours that will increase your lead-to-lease conversion rates and decrease sales cycles. How can we be so sure?

Well, Realync users are DOUBLING their lead-to-lease conversion rates. When personalized, human-to-human interactions are part of the process, multifamily communities are seeing two to three times higher conversion rates. That’s the power of virtual tours and specifically Realync virtual tours. Realync makes interactions with prospects seamless and easy as well as real, raw, and transparent. In the end, if you want to know how to create a virtual tour that closes, the answer is Realync.

How We Can Help!

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