Realync and Conversion Logix know your goal is to increase new leads from your website. So you’re most likely interested in:

  • A lead generation tool that saves on-site teams time from tedious website tasks
  • A lead generation tool that automates touring experiences for prospects on your website
  • A lead generation tool that provides you with easy-to-understand analytics

You’re not alone if this sounds like something you’re interested in. And it’s actually why Realync partnered with The Conversion Cloud®, Conversion Logix’s lead generation, and attribution platform.

Why Realync + Conversion Logix Are a Winning Combination

The Conversion Logix integration for Realync allows you to easily deploy video tours as a conversion point on your property website through the Conversion Cloud touring app. Your team can sync Realync video content with The Conversion Cloud, making it faster and simpler to promote and deliver on-demand video tour experiences directly from your website.

Prospects want convenient experiences served to them online. More touring options provided by Realync and The Conversion Cloud = more leads for you. By providing quick touring options on your website, your lead-to-lease conversion rates can increase. With our integration, you can:

  • Promote video tour options on every page of your community’s website.
  • Confidently prevent duplicate entries and user errors when uploading video tour content.
  • Make data-driven decisions from your website experiences.

“We partnered with Conversion Logix to help our mutual clients scale how quickly and efficiently they capture website leads. Multifamily leasing is becoming increasingly competitive, so maximizing the conversion of traffic that communities receive is of the utmost importance,” said Matt Weirich, Co-founder and CEO at Realync. “We’re excited about how Realync can provide more convenient video touring experiences that convert in partnership with Conversion Logix’s touring applications.”

What The Realync + Conversion Logix Integration Provides

This integration provides an on-demand touring option where clients can use an interactive prompt to promote videos of penthouses, amenity spaces, or specials and deliver tours to prospects 24/7. Use Realync’s video tracking to prioritize your follow-up: get notified when prospects are watching videos, so you can focus your efforts on following up with your most-engaged prospects.

“Today’s renters want flexible on-demand video experiences, and Realync has proven to be an exceptional resource for multifamily operators looking to scale their video tour efforts to meet prospects’ needs,” remarked Andrew Cederlind, President and COO of Conversion Logix. “Now communities will be able to leverage their Realync video assets within The Conversion Cloud to automate and attribute the promotion and delivery of video tour content from any device, at any time of the day.”

More Information

Realync’s integration with Conversion Logix will help your team generate more qualified leads, resulting in leasing vacant units. To learn more about this integration, please reach out to

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