As budget season for multifamily begins to kick off, some leasing teams are trying to keep their favorite apartment marketing tools top of mind for corporate teams. Why? Teams continue to find success with tech-enabled marketing tools and want it to be a part of their 2022 budget; however, it can be difficult to build a strong case.

There are so many competing priorities trying to get a piece of a property’s budget. So, how can leasing teams best advocate and push for those marketing tools? We got you covered.

Leasing teams looking to advocate for their favorite apartment marketing tools need to bring a strong “why” to make their case. That goes for anything in the community’s marketing plan–from apartment marketing materials to software and other marketing technology.

One of the easiest of these marketing tools to champion is a fully integrated virtual leasing platform. While this advice can extend beyond it, we are focusing on how video leasing continues to bring success to teams.

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Solving the Pain Point

Everything in a multifamily property’s budget needs to have a purpose and a point no matter what it is. It probably doesn’t come as a shock when we say you want to solve a pain point for the community. All marketing ideas for apartments, and the marketing tools behind them, should solve a pain point.

When you’re advocating for an apartment marketing tool to be added or renewed in the budget, you need to discuss how it is solving that pain point. That goes beyond solving a pain point of the leasing or the property team. It’s solving a pain point for prospective residents, current residents, even partner teams like maintenance staff. If the pain point is big enough, there’s a ”why” to back up solving it.

With a virtual leasing and video platform, you’re solving major issues across the board. For prospective residents, you’re saving them:

  • Time: They can see exactly what they want to see and when they want to see it. No more trying to plan around conflicting schedules and hours of operations.
  • Resources: In their search, they aren’t having to download an app to do a virtual tour or search multiple ILS to get a feel for your property.
  • Money: They don’t have to drive back and forth or plan a trip around an in-person tour.

Current residents can receive information in a way that’s better for them as well. For example, if you’re remodeling the pool area or updating a procedure, use the video platform to share that. They’ll be much more likely to view and retain that information, leading to a better resident experience. It’s also great for sharing easy ways to fix common maintenance problems, saving that team time. For the leasing and property teams, it not only helps move leads to signed leases faster, but it helps keep current residents engaged and happy.

Presenting the various audiences and the pain points this technology solves paints a clear reason to keep it in the budget. Now, here’s another one—it works.

Bringing the ROI

When advocating for apartment marketing tools like virtual leasing technologies, it’s not just looking at a shiny new tool. Instead, it’s looking at how to market to apartment communities in a way that really works. It’s finding apartment marketing tools like virtual leasing technology that will help increase conversion rates. It’s showing how this technology will support apartment leasing strategies, driving leads through the funnel faster. This saves everyone, leasing teams and prospective residents alike, both time and money throughout the entire touring process.

There are very clear ways to capture leases and provide value. For example, Realync users can quickly and easily pull statistics and ROI data. They can see which leases were influenced by video tours. Using those metrics, leasing teams can easily prove that Realync works and should be in the budget for 2022.

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For leasing teams that aren’t using this type of technology, it’s building the story around why video leasing technology is important now more than ever. First, as we mentioned above, show the pain points it will solve for prospects who WANT virtual touring options and how convenient it is for people out of state.

In the end, if you can show how apartment marketing tools solve your communities pain points, then you’ll be able to continue closing deals.

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