The Knock® integration for Realync allows you to see Knock® prospects within Realync, and also automates scheduling Realync live tours through Knock®’s tour scheduler.

What Does This Mean?

Make your leasing workflows even smoother with the Knock® integration for Realync. Whether you are creating unique links to share a pre-recorded video, or adding prospects to an invite for a live video tour, you’ll be able to view your Knock® prospects and simply select who you want. You can also add your Realync Quick Start link for live video tours to your Knock® confirmation emails; when live video tours are scheduled in Knock®, your prospects will automatically be sent the information they need to join the tour.

How Realync + Knock® Benefits You

Realync’s integration with Knock® helps you maximize your investment in both platforms.

Saves Time — By making Knock® prospect data available directly in Realync, you won’t need to switch from tab to tab to copy over the information already entered in Knock®.
Improves Data Accuracy — The ability to view and select Knock® prospect data within Realync simply reduces manual and duplicate data entry. This mitigates the opportunity for errors and typos, improving the accuracy of your data.

Meet Prospects Where They Are — Many of today’s renters want the option to tour a community via live video. Knock®’s tour scheduler allows you to give renters an easy way to self-schedule a live video tour with your leasing team. By using Realync with your Knock® scheduler, you can ensure that all of these live video tours happen in Realync, where prospects won’t have to download an app or sign up for an account, and where you’ll have improved visibility into the live video tours your team is conducting.

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