You’re in the thick of evaluating what tools should stay and what tools should go for your 2023 strategy. With ILS sites raising prices and the looming recession, it’s a difficult time to assess where you should allocate dollars. This is why we’d recommend consolidating your tools and finding multi-use cases for all your tech tools. By this, I mean there are ways to use one tool for multiple efforts like marketing, leasing, resident engagement, and operations — video is a prime example of a tool your teams can use for multiple tasks.

Too Many Video Solutions

Think about all the different video solutions your teams use: some use their phone or company tablet to take a video, iMovie to edit, and then Zoom to connect with renters. That’s a lot of technology to learn; no wonder it’s easy to ignore! This is happening with many on-site teams.

In our J Turner survey, we asked 80+ multifamily leaders their perspectives on video. In particular, we asked one question about how these leaders are using video technology today. Here’s what we found:

Do you think your teams relate? If so, there are significant opportunities to streamline your processes and technology. That’s right, I’m saying less technology can be more, and I might be biased, but Realync is your go-to solution.

Budget for Realync

Ready to consolidate your technology? Realync, a multifamily-specific video platform, is designed to help on-site teams do more with fewer in-person tours, less time communicating about in-person tours, and bouncing between video solutions (we’re an all-in-one tool).

If you’re evaluating video solutions, download our guide to get direct responses to all your burning questions. See how other communities are succeeding with Realync (like a closed deal in 22-minutes and ZERO maintenance tickets because of a DIY video!).

Get The Most Out of Your 2023 Video Strategy

Let your teams get more out of their day with fewer headaches — video can do that. Enhancing your video engagement strategy with 1:1, DIY, or pre-recorded videos will help leasing teams WIN more leases, market more memorable experiences, and engage renters more often.