When I started at Realync almost two years ago, my job was to help market a video product to multifamily. I helped create messages that explained what Realync does. Realync, a video engagement tool, helps multifamily on-site teams lease specific units of their property with unit-level video content. While I continued to market the benefits of video creation, I noticed a gap with our own video creation as a company.

So, I suggested to my manager that we should use more video internally since we want to market a video solution externally. While, as a company, we wanted to produce more video on our own social media sites, it wasn’t a priority to build out our video strategy… until I suggested a plan.

Just Hit the “Record” Button

In 2021, I created my first video to market Realync on social media. I hit the “record” button and instantly started fumbling over my words. For some reason, the “record” button tripped me up. All the confidence I had leading up to heading our video strategy went out the window. But, I kept at it, and soon enough, video creation became easier — I even recruited some of my team members to be on camera! After I found a routine with video creation, I finally regained my confidence.

Does this sound familiar to you? Have you ever tried to get on camera and immediately felt intimidated or not sure what to say or how to present yourself? At Realync, we get it and hear this often. It’s why one of our internal video instructors, Kristi Fickert, a multifamily marketer with 24-years of experience, created this video:

How to Get More Comfortable on a Video

You Can Overcome Camera Shyness

Once you navigate out of camera shyness, you’ll start to reap the benefits of video. Video can help you market, lease, and engage renters. But if you’re questioning, “how do I become camera friendly?” we have a course for you! Learn how to get started with video or if you’re using video correctly, and sign up for this free video creation course — The Lens. The above video is one of the seven micro-training modules Kristi created (90+ multifamily professionals have signed up for the course)!