Virtual tour software is a must-have for today’s leasing teams. As you’re looking for the best virtual tour software for your property, you should also consider what benefits it can bring not just in leasing but across the entire resident lifecycle.

Video can have a bigger impact when used for leasing, marketing, and engaging current and prospective residents. Apartment virtual tour software can have enormous benefits for multifamily teams and residents at every phase of the resident lifecycle.

Marketing Phase

Starting at the top of the funnel in the marketing stage, virtual tour software holds many benefits for multifamily communities. Virtual tours can grab the attention of potential leads and get them interested in the property in a unique and meaningful way. Virtual tours show prospects and consumers what they want to see – and what they want to see in a real, raw, and authentic way. Sure, tours like 360 and 3D virtual tours can garner some attention. But if you’re looking for real and better results, you’ll need a virtual tour creator for real estate that can give today’s prospective residents the authenticity they desire.

Prospects also want to see the exact unit they may be living in and the exact amenities they are interested in using. They want to trust that what they are seeing is what they are going to get. Virtual tour software empowers onsite teams to learn how to create a virtual tour that provides an authentic and engaging experience for prospects. Then, with the touch of a button, they can post those experiences to social media, websites, listing platforms – wherever those experiences need to be to connect with consumers. That connection will move them into the next phase – leasing.

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Leasing Phase

One of the best benefits a virtual tour software provides is during the leasing phase of the resident lifecycle. Virtual tour software has proven effective at making the leasing process much more efficient for both leasing teams and prospects by allowing quicker connections. That means prospects can see the property sooner, plus have that tour experience in a very real, authentic, and transparent way.

When we say multifamily property virtual tour software has generated better results, we mean closing leases, shortening the lead to lease timeframe, and improving the lead to lease ratio. In fact, it can double lead-to-lease conversion rates, taking the same volume of lead traffic but closing twice as many leases off of those leads. That’s a clear, and highly profitable benefit for any leasing team.

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Resident Engagement Phase

Further down the resident lifecycle, virtual tour software certainly helps with both property operations and with resident engagement. Leasing teams are using virtual tour software to streamline maintenance requests and minimize maintenance tickets. For simple things like turning on a tripped breaker or reprogramming the HVAC, leasing and maintenance teams can film a quick video using virtual tour software and share it broadly among residents. They can also shoot a move-in-day video to make sure new residents feel welcome and prepared for their big day.

Leasing teams can even effectively use video tour software to promote events, announce when the pool is opening or closing for the season, or if there is going to be some construction or other change in the property. It’s a quick video shoot to create dynamic, interesting content residents will actually pay attention to. These are streamlined communications that provide a better overall resident experience.

Those are some of the key benefits apartment virtual tour software brings to multifamily. However, the biggest benefit that runs across all of these phases comes only if your virtual tour software is built for multifamily. With built-for multifamily software, teams can layer in data, analytics, insights, and reporting. They can then integrate that information with the team’s existing systems and processes. When it comes to strategizing, tracking, training, planning and general compliance with Fair Housing and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), that information is critical.

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Virtual Tour Software

Virtual tour software helps market properties more effectively, it helps supercharge lead-to-lease conversion rates, and it’s important for current resident engagement and for corporate administration.

At each phase, the right built-for multifamily virtual touring software can help teams create data-driven, relevant, personalized, authentic videos to connect with prospective and current residents throughout every stage of the resident lifecycle.

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