Anyone Home is helping prospects and residents take the next logical steps in the leasing process. The Anyone Home integration for Realync provides an even better user experience and improved data integrity.

What Does This Mean?

When sending a follow-up email to a prospect in Anyone Home, a drop-down will appear with all of their Realync videos. Realync automatically creates a link for the prospect using the name and email on the prospect’s Anyone Home guest card.

The link automatically pastes into the email template, saving your leasing teams the time and effort of having to toggle between Anyone Home and Realync. Each link created is unique to the individual prospect and allows your leasing teams to see prospect-specific view notifications. In short, the integration saves you the time and the hassle of locating contact information across multiple platforms, and engagement metrics are automatically tracked, allowing you a clearer insight into ROI.

How Realync + Anyone Home Benefits You

Realync and Anyone Home’s synced client information and video analytics increase efficiency and ease across both platforms.

Anyone Home + Realync

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