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How Anthony Used Video Notifications to Close an Unengaged Lead

Headshot of Anthony

“Realync is a staple point throughout our company from one coast to the other. Realync does exactly what it's supposed to do—help us engage renters and close deals.”

Anthony Suarez

Community Manager, West Village

The Trailer

Struggling to close a potential renter?

Anthony Suarez knows the feeling.

Anthony — the Community Manager at West Village — knows the challenges with potential renters who go dark. In other words, they stop responding to emails and calls.

However, Anthony found a way to pounce on an opportunity to close a deal with a prospect who had gone dark.

Enter Realync’s Analytics Dashboard.

Keep reading to hear more about Anthony’s success story with Realync’s video notifications, how his leasing operations have evolved, and some creative ways he’s using video to engage renters—and close deals.

The Challenge

Anthony has been with Bell Partners for over nine years. Anthony’s been all over the map, managing properties from coast to coast.

He eventually landed at West Village in 2022, now having been with the lease up for over a year.

During his time at West Village, Anthony experienced the same problem repeatedly: Potential renters didn’t want to (or couldn’t) tour in person due to location and scheduling conflicts. Anthony needed Realync to unlock doors for him to meet renters online.

“We were told from the corporate level that Realync was another tool to get potential renters to see our property and get us more tours. Plus, they told us it would help us close deals virtually.”

And? Realync delivered. The Realync app has helped Anthony close deal after deal. It’s one of the reasons Bell Partners expanded Realync almost to its full portfolio.

We asked Anthony to share a unique story using Realync.


The Outcome

Anthony’s the man, the legend, and the closer. He’s on Harvey Specter’s level. That’s a “Suits” reference.

Anthony doesn’t like to give up. So when he had trouble getting a hold of a young lady who expressed high interest in his property, he tried everything to close the deal. Email. Phone. Video.

She just wasn’t engaging. Until one evening, Anthony got an email notification.

“Two weeks after I sent her a Realync video, I got a notification that she had watched it!”

Realync’s Analytics Dashboard sends email notifications on video views to leasing agents in real time.

“I emailed her 10 minutes after seeing the notification, and she responded! She told me she had considered one of our competitors in the area. Since I contacted her right away, I could match the competitor’s offer. She applied that night and signed her lease with us the next day!”

The moral of the story? You can strike while the iron is hot. Or when you’re notified by Realync.

The Future Goal

We asked Anthony how his efforts with Realync have evolved over the last year alongside video tours. He shared it’s two-fold.

1️⃣ They’ve added videos to their website.
2️⃣ They’ve added videos to their move-in orientation.

We also asked Anthony how the videos are performing on West Village’s website.

“We can see when someone views our videos; the numbers are phenomenal. Most of the time, when somebody opens one of the Realync videos, they will either set up a tour to come in for a physical tour, or they just start applying online.”

Next, we asked Anthony how they use video for move-in orientation.

“The move-in process is a final touch point you get with renters to make them feel welcomed.”

As a result, Anthony shared renters will receive a QR code to a link of videos with their welcome home letters. They have to watch the videos to get to know the community rules. For example, Anthony’s team created a video about what renters need to know about their trash valet service.

Do they have to watch all the videos?  We asked Anthony.

“Yup. We’re going to make renters sit down and watch the videos on move-in day rather than us having to go over the same information again and again. They even have to sign a paper that they watched the videos.”

Snaps for Anthony. They mean business over there.

“We needed to meet potential renters where they’re at—online.”

Anthony Suarez

Community Manager, West Village

Headshot of Anthony

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