Prospective renters are discovering and evaluating multifamily real estate at a faster pace than ever before. And while it’s well-known that prospects compare nearby communities, the number of communities viewed before making a leasing decision has dropped dramatically down to an average of just three communities. Given these dynamics, communities are responding with quick touring solutions—virtual tours—to get leases signed faster and often sight-unseen. 

In 2022, consumers have a variety of virtual touring options available to them—360-degree walkthroughs, 3D renderings, video tours, professional videography, photo slideshows, and more. And each of these provides utility in its own right, especially when used as complements to each other throughout the prospective renter’s journey. And we’ve seen that this sort of touring optionality—both virtually and in-person (e.g., self-guided tours)—enables maximum flexibility to engage with a prospective renter in the ways that they prefer to be engaged.

With this in mind, I want to address how an authentic, DIY, two-minute video tour can provide as close to a guided in-person tour as possible, but save the leasing agent countless hours of time and energy by leveraging a reusable digital asset.

Breaking Down the Power of an Authentic Video Tour

For starters, grab some popcorn and please take two minutes to view this video tour example

Now, from the lens of a prospective renter, let’s break down all of the nuggets of information and insight included in this video tour that could sway the prospect to move forward and lease (often without even needing to set foot into the community in-person):

The time markers below correspond to the video example above

  • 0:05 — I’ve been introduced to Craig as a friendly face on the leasing team right away; someone who I’ll likely interact with and see often if I choose to live there.
  • 0:23 — Under cabinet lighting. This is a unique feature I haven’t seen in the other communities I’ve toured.
  • 0:33 — Washer/dryer can be stackable or full-size and vary by floor plan. I don’t know if I like the washer/dryer being stackable, but I’m now inclined to ask for and view other floor plan videos to quickly check out the full-size options and compare.
  • 0:49 — Cable and internet jacks on opposing walls. I can now start to even plan out my living space and my furniture/home office setup. 
  • 0:54 — Shows the actual view from the unit. What I see (literally out from the patio) is what I get.
  • 1:00 — Smart home wifi thermostat automatically included. Yay, technology!
  • 1:15 — Deep soak tub with marble upgrades highlighted. Craig also mentions that they have shower options available if I don’t want a tub.
  • 1:25 — Space planning. Craig mentions that you can fit a king-size bed, nightstand, and dresser in the room and shows you how it looks. I’m not only getting a tour, I’m getting interior design inspo in the process!

Curated Videos in Multifamily

This video wasn’t even personalized to a specific prospect. While personalized videos can be even more memorable and effective, they can be time-consuming across hundreds of prospects. Instead, this video was customized and curated with attention to detail. The result: prospects get the full story. This sort of authentic video tour gets as close to an in-person tour as possible, even down to the unit level. And while 360-degree virtual tours, 3D renderings, and photography are all great ways to explore space online, will you get all of the context and information I outlined above?

By taking 5-7 minutes to create a two-minute video like this, you can scale your operations (especially in a centralized leasing model), beat your competition, save time, and close leases quicker—all while providing an unparalleled experience and level of service for your prospects. You can also repurpose this video and distribute it to prospective renters who are interested in the same layout. Or in a year, if the current renter moves out, you can send the same video that sold the previous renter to new prospects. 

There are endless ways you can create and share evergreen (reusable) video content like the example I shared today, and we have a team of strategists ready to assist you! Realync provides a truly robust, comprehensive virtual touring experience at the unit level—what do you think? 

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