Speaking Session: “The Great Debate: People vs. Machines”

Key Takeaways from the Session:

  • Strategies to overcome employee fear of job loss and embrace technology.
  • Create an actionable plan where technology can meet customer service in management’s day to day position.
  • Understanding the significance of technology and people working together to improve the renters experience.

About the Session

The use of technology is a way to cut through the noise and offer convenience in a way renters today want to do business. But does the adoption of technology come at a cost to employee job security? Organizations must determine how process automation and AI can coexist with customer centric team members, because renters now expect both. Join Jordan Easley, VP of Operations and Partnerships at Realync as he examines strategies to welcome high-tech initiatives and overcome employee fears to construct a customer experience built for the future.

This session was presented at the 2020 Hybrid Education Conference & Trade Show by the Apartment Association of Metro Denver.