Speaking Session: “The Great Debate: People vs. Machines”

Key Takeaways from the Session:

  • Strategies to overcome employee fear of job loss and embrace technology.
  • Create an actionable plan where technology can meet customer service in management’s day-to-day position.
  • Understanding the significance of technology and people working together to improve the renters’ experience.

About the Session:

The use of technology is a way to cut through the noise and offer convenience in a way renters today want to do business. But does the adoption of technology come at a cost to employee job security? Organizations must determine how process automation and AI can coexist with customer-centric team members because renters now expect both.

Join Jordan Easley, VP of Operations and Partnerships at Realync as he examines strategies to welcome high-tech initiatives and overcome employee fears to construct a customer experience built for the future. This session was presented at the 2020 Hybrid Education Conference & Trade Show by the Apartment Association of Metro Denver.

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