Protect Yourself, Protect Your Communities

If using video or live streaming at your multifamily community, you should also be including the Equal Housing Opportunity logo and disclaimer consistently in every video across your portfolio and with all prospective residents.

What Are My Risks?

Omitting, or Inconsistently Using, Fair Housing Slogan/Logo

In the event that a claim of discrimination is made against your community/company, omission, or inconsistent use, of the Equal Housing Opportunity logo may be used as an argument that management is not committed to Fair Housing laws*. Furthermore, selective use of the Equal Housing Opportunity slogan or logo may itself be interpreted as discriminatory**.

Lack of Documentation

If your community provides live video walk- throughs using a solution that does not save the video, management and ownership will have no documentation of what was stated during that tour. In the event that someone claims that they were discriminated against on that tour, you will have no evidence that proves otherwise, nor any evidence that the Equal Housing Opportunity logo or disclaimer was provided*.

The following are excerpts from Part 109 of HUD’s Fair Housing Advertising Guidelines:

*109.30 Fair housing policy and practices. …All advertising of residential real estate… should contain an equal housing opportunity logotype, statement, or slogan as a means of educating the home seeking public that the property is available to all persons.

**109.25 Selective use of advertising media or content. … selective use of advertisements which may be discriminatory… may involve placing the equal housing opportunity slogan or logo in advertising reaching some geographic areas, but not others, or with respect to some properties but not others.

When Do Issues Arise?

  • When providing video experiences to prospective residents without displaying the Equal Housing Opportunity logo and disclaimer
  • When adding the Equal Housing Opportunity logo and disclaimer to videos sent to some prospective residents or properties but not others
  • When claims are made against your team or community but there is no recording or audit trail to use in defense

Solution: Realync

  • Automatically and consistently adds the Equal Housing Opportunity logo and disclaimer to video tours (both live and pre-recorded).
  • Provides a standardized video process and strategy across your portfolio.
  • Saves all video activities to the cloud providing a documented audit trail of every recorded or live video your team produces.

Easy for Leads

Combine the power of live tours with the legal requirement of Fair Housing compliance, all without requiring your prospective tenants to download an app. They just click a link on any device and they can view the tour.

Easy for You

You don’t have to think twice about compliance when you’re using Realync. We make sure we check that box for you on every tour even without your input, saving you time to prepare for the tour and focus on closing your leads.